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The Madness of King Donald

I realize it has been some time since my last post on either of my two blogs. I am afraid I experienced a creative drought. The creative juices just dried up. I am not sure why. I am happy to report that those juices are flowing again and, hopefully, there will be quite a few new posts in the next couple of weeks. This is the second one today. I have already written a new post on Christian Heresy and am working on the sequel to that one. That said, let’s talk about our insane Peerless Leader.


I admit I have had problems keeping my mouth shut throughout my whole life. Lord knows, I have stuck my foot in my mouth, often all the way up to my knee, more times than I can count on both hands and both feet. However, I have now handed my crown for social “saux pas” to the man with the hair like an orangutan. You would think that someone with his business acumen (self-proclaimed) would have the ability to keep his mouth shut when necessary. And that is doubly true of someone who is the Pres. of the United States. Not our Donald! If I were Donald’s wife or daughter, I would close his Twitter account immediately and destroy any and all cell phones he has

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The Assassination of Imad Mughniyah

Imad Mughniyah, one of the targets of the US war againsy terrorism, was assasinated Tuesday night in Damascus, Syria, a victim of, all things, a car bombing. Car bombs are one of the favorite weapons of Middle Eastern terrorists. So, perhaps it is poetic justice that Mughniyah met his end that way.

Hisbollah, the Lebanese Shi’ite group of which Mughniyah was a member and according to Western intelligence, one of their most important military commanders, immediately blamed Israel for the assassination. I suppose that is a very plausible accusation, but, from all I’ve read in the media today, there were a number of countries, including the USA, of course, who had reason to want him dead. After all, the US has offered a reward pf $5 million for him, I assume dead or alive. Someone stands to come into a fair amount of change for what they did Tuesday night. Whether they will be publicly acclaimed is not clear.

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Of Ogres, Onions and Monotheism

A 25-year-old man in Cairo, Egypt, born a Moslem, converted to Christianity at the age of 18. He recently appealed to the Egyptian courts to change the religion on his identity card to Christian, but the court denied his request. Here is the official statement from the judge:

“Monotheistic religions were sent by God in chronological order… As a result, it is unusual to go from the latest religion to the one that preceded it.”

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