Happy Easter

Tomorrow is April 1. That means it is April Fool’s Day. Mike, this year it is also Easter Sunday. I don’t consider April Fools Day really were celebrating. Easter, on the other hand, is were celebrating, whether you celebrated as a religious holiday or a secular one. In American culture, most celebrations are important. I... Continue Reading →


Christmas Greetings From my House to Yours

This is my favorite time of year. It is also my wife’s and my children’s favorite time of year. We celebrate Christmas not so much because we all believe the mythology, both Christian and other, that has become so totally embedded in Western/American culture. You do not have to be any kind of fundamentalist Christian... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Christmas Present 2008

A week from tonight is Christmas Eve, the night Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at least perfunctorily anyway. For most of the children of the world, it is the night that Santa Claus comes and rewards them for their good behavior. However, this year will be a lot different than most of those... Continue Reading →

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