Barack Obama and the Little People

Political campaigns are abour money, at least as long as the electoral system stays as it is now. And the way most politicians, well all of them with one very important exception, raise campaign funds is though high-ticket fundraisers. And these fundraisers are what leads to the influence peddlers and the power of special interest... Continue Reading →


The Relationship of Science and Religion

“Science is essentially asking why things happen and of course it’s been very successful in answering that question, but it’s not the only question to ask about what’s going on. You can also ask if there’s any meaning and purpose in what is going and that’s the subject of religion. They’re asking different questions and... Continue Reading →

The Assassination of Imad Mughniyah

Imad Mughniyah, one of the targets of the US war againsy terrorism, was assasinated Tuesday night in Damascus, Syria, a victim of, all things, a car bombing. Car bombs are one of the favorite weapons of Middle Eastern terrorists. So, perhaps it is poetic justice that Mughniyah met his end that way. Hisbollah, the Lebanese... Continue Reading →

Steven Spielberg – A Man for All Seasons

Ususally the tackiest part of any Olympics is the opening and closing ceremonies, but the Beijing Olympics showed some sign that these Olympics might be different. The Chinese Olympic Committe had hired Steven Spielberg as an artistic advisor for those ceremonies.\r\n\r\nSpielberg, probably the best film director of our generation, would have had a profound effect... Continue Reading →

Power to the [Indigenous] People Part 3

On Wednesday, the Australian Prime Minister will deliver a formal apology to the aborigines of Australia for "The Lost Generations" (cf. The European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights and this Wikipedia article for background information). The problem is that the aborigines are not invited, and one Australian Senator thinks that is unconscionable. I totally agree.... Continue Reading →

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