Controversy in France Over Separation of Church and State: Part 2

I want to continue our discussion from last time by moving the scope of my comments from the specific to a more general discussion of the separation of church ahd state. We will move from a sociologically oriented fram or reference to a cultural frame of reference. Culture is more concerned with symbols and symbolic... Continue Reading →


And where, pray tell, where the parents of these children??

CDC Warns of ''Choking Game'' After 82 Youths Die It seems to me that the families and teachers and other adults failed these kids terribly. This is what is wrong with America - not a lack of religious faith, but a lack of personal responsibility. Children are born to parents ill-equipped to take responsibility for... Continue Reading →

The Assassination of Imad Mughniyah

Imad Mughniyah, one of the targets of the US war againsy terrorism, was assasinated Tuesday night in Damascus, Syria, a victim of, all things, a car bombing. Car bombs are one of the favorite weapons of Middle Eastern terrorists. So, perhaps it is poetic justice that Mughniyah met his end that way. Hisbollah, the Lebanese... Continue Reading →

Steven Spielberg – A Man for All Seasons

Ususally the tackiest part of any Olympics is the opening and closing ceremonies, but the Beijing Olympics showed some sign that these Olympics might be different. The Chinese Olympic Committe had hired Steven Spielberg as an artistic advisor for those ceremonies.\r\n\r\nSpielberg, probably the best film director of our generation, would have had a profound effect... Continue Reading →

Power to the [Indigenous] People Part 3

On Wednesday, the Australian Prime Minister will deliver a formal apology to the aborigines of Australia for "The Lost Generations" (cf. The European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights and this Wikipedia article for background information). The problem is that the aborigines are not invited, and one Australian Senator thinks that is unconscionable. I totally agree.... Continue Reading →

Given that Obama won all

Given that Obama won all three primaries on Saturday [02-09-2008] plus the Maine caucus on Sunday[02-10-2008], it appears that his campaign is on a roll. It will be interesting to see how he does this weekend. Hillary's campaign appears to be in some trouble given that she just fired her campaign manager, something you omly... Continue Reading →

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