Political Discourse: Life versus Choice

The state of Alabama just recently passed the most restrictive antiabortion bill in United States. That bill says that a pregnant woman cannot have an abortion after she finds out she is pregnant. Somebody explain the logic of that to me. Why would somebody want an abortion if they didn’t know they were pregnant? The... Continue Reading →


Political Discourse 2020

This post is about language - political language, particularly the political language that is being used in campaigns for the 2020 election. The political discourse for the election is often misleading and contradictory. What I mean by that is different people use the same discourse, the same language, yet mean different things by that language.... Continue Reading →

Civil Discourse

Civil discourse is something that is severely lacking in the sociocultural environment of the United States of America. Everyone from the president on down to the average person on the street seems to feel that the only way anyone will listen to what they have to say is to scream, ranch, curse, and insult. I’m... Continue Reading →

Remember Remember the 22nd of November

Today is the 22nd of November, 2018. It is Thanksgiving Day, a holiday to celebrate all we AmericNA GIVE THANKS FOR ll our blessings. It celebrates an historical event - the First Thanksgiving - wherwe Pilgrim immigrants to America sat down with the native Americans to celelbrate a bountiful first  harvest and the friendship of... Continue Reading →

This Land Is Your Land

T “his land is your land.” This land is my last.” That is the opening line to one of the most iconic folksongs ever written. Most of you are probably familiar with the Peter, Paul, and Mary rendition. I want you to listen to the original recording by the man who wrote the song, Woody... Continue Reading →

The Devil Made Me Do It

For those of you who are as old as I am (70), you might remember that line from one of Flip Wilson’s most iconic comedy routines (Geraldine). I had been following some of the discussion on Facebook about the Supreme Court nomination hearings. It seems the fundamentalists, especially the Christian fundamentalists, see the “attacks” on... Continue Reading →

And Justice For All Part One

Some recent events into the special prosecutor’s investigation of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign have raised a question from Bill Clinton’s second term that was never resolved. Exactly what is the legal status within the justice system of the President of the United States? Is the president subject to the same laws and... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Other Part Three

As I discussed earlier in this series, the first people we recognize as part of “us” are our parents and siblings. That group will expand in a short time to include everyone in our “extended” family. So how do we define who is a member of our family? According to American anthropologist David M. Schneider,... Continue Reading →

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