Pigeonholes and Language

Yes! Yes! I know. It has been over a month since I have written anything on either of my blogs. Rest assured, I am well and doing fine. So, what was the problem? I guess you could say that the stream of creative juices slowed down to a mere trickle. I guess we all have spells like that from time to time. Unfortunately, it seems the older you get the more frequent the droughts are. I guess it’s just something I have to live with. The alternative does not excite me at all. I kind of do want to live forever.


I guess I’ve been a creative person, more or less, all my life. I took up acting when I was in kindergarten, but then did not do anymore until our junior class play way back when. I took one more stab at acting my senior year in high school. Doing “the Mouse That Roared” was one of the major highlights of my high school career.


I have also dabbled in the visual arts. I did cartooning starting in junior high school as the art editor for the junior high school newspaper. I did cartooning posters for my mother’s bakery shop back then as well. In my 20s, I took up photography rather seriously. I even did exhibits at several local art fairs. I still have a 35mm single lens reflex camera but have not used it in a very long time. My isolate just doesn’t permit me to do that anymore. I have never been much for cameras that do all the work. I do not like giving up creative control. However, I have finally given up and ordered a simple digital camera online that should be here next week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make that one work and you all will see an occasional photograph on this blog and on my Facebook page.

I have been writing for more years and I can remember. I have done my own newsletters, both print, email, and RSS. I have written several digital books about online marketing. I have done research papers in high school, college, and grad school on a variety of topics. I’ve also tried to take a crack at writing poetry back when I was 20. That was a disaster! I do not have the soul of the poet. My writing tends to be dry and intellectual. I guess that is because I, because of my life experiences, AM that dry, somewhat intellectual individual. I would not have it any other way. The greatest thing I have achieved in my life is that I have come to understand who I am, what I am, and am very comfortable with both. Not bad for someone who spent most of his life flitting from one interest to another like a butterfly going flower to flower…


So, I guess if you wanted to pigeonhole me (I hate pigeonholes), I am a nonfiction writer with a wide variety of interests: science, magic (or as some call it, witchcraft), philosophy, religion, music appreciation, literature, and movies. I also have an intense interest in politics. That is probably the prime subject for my writings these days. You would think that with all the stuff going on in the US and elsewhere, I would have no problem being inspired to write about those events. Unfortunately, what our illustrious (sarcasm) current President has been doing disgusted me to the point where just thinking about it makes me sick and very angry. I learned some years ago disgust and anger are not the best Muses for a writer.


I want to close this post with a somewhat lengthy comment about pigeonholes. We all assign labels to everything and anything. That is what language is all about. Words are nothing more than labels for people, places, things, actions, feelings, etc. We humans need language because we are social creatures. In 1 million years or so that humans have existed on this planet, they have always existed in social groups. A solitary human trying to survive on their own would not make it. Sooner or later, your rather meager resources that you brought with you and that you are capable of making for yourself will run out. You will either die of starvation, exposure to the elements, or the predators will get you. It is only in a community, no matter how small, that we humans could thrive. Language is what made it possible for humans to live and work together and something approximating peace and harmony.


However, we forget that language, and therefore labels, are fluid and subject to change. All kinds of things can lead to changes in language. I have been alive for 70 years. The language that I use in my informal conversations is sometimes like a foreign language to my younger son, Michael, who is nearly 21. His informal language is sometimes Greek to me. I think that is one of the reason for the so-called “generation gap” that is responsible for parents and children having difficulties communicating. Though before I get too far off track here, let me go back to pigeonholes.


Pigeonholes come about when people treat the words they use (labels) as if they were carved out of some incredibly hard stone. Pigeonholes are useful as starting points in trying to describe someone or something. We need to remember, however, that people and things are not carbon copies of each other. What I mean by that is that I am a 70-year-old man. I know several other 70-year-old man. They are as different from me as I am from the man in the moon. When pigeonholes become overused, they become rigid and people think that that is the way things should be. What I mean is you all have a conception of what a 70-year-old man is in your mind. If you are not a fundamentalist, that picture is somewhat amorphous and allows for a great deal of variety. Fundamentalists have a very clear, distinct, and rigid conception of what a 70-year-old man should be. I do not live up to other people ideas of what a 70-year-old man should be. Nor do I expect any other 70-year-old man to be exactly like me. That conception in your mind is only a reference point, not a commandment from God. So, let’s be a bit more flexible in how we understand labels, how we understand the words we use. Let’s be more flexible and you will see a much greater level of peace and harmony in the world.


Peace and love!



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