The Madness of King Donald Part Two

It seems that our Emperor who has no close is at it again. Apparently, he is not happy with the people he chose as his Presidential advisors. So, he is employing that phrase that has become closely associated with Donald Trump: “You’re fired!” He is firing his advisors right and left and it appears that more firings are imminent. Sorry Donald, this is not your reality show. It’s time you realize that and started acting like a President of the United States and not the driver of the clown car in a circus!


I may be wrong on this one. After all, I have never been the greatest judge of what qualifies as mature behavior. But, it appears to me that Donald is acting like a spoiled immature little rich kid. Wait a minute!! Isn’t that what he is?


It seems to me that the American people have lost touch with reality themselves. After all, more often than not, we seem to elect total idiots to run this country. Either that, or complete megalomaniacs like Trump or – my favorite megalomaniac – Richard Nixon. He claimed he was not a crook after the Watergate story broke and he was forced to resign or face impeachment. If being the authority figure behind a criminal burglary is not being a crook, then I have no idea what qualifies you as a crook. In my estimation, Richard Nixon should have faced criminal charges for his part in authorizing the Watergate break-in. He escaped prosecution thanks to his good buddy and Vice President who succeeded him -Gerald Ford. Ford always struck me as a nice guy. Not too bright, but a nice guy. Maybe too nice. We have to eliminate Presidential pardons before the disgraced President is even indicted, let alone convicted. These crooks need to assume responsibility for their actions while in office. Being the President does not give you license to commit larceny, murder, burglary, treason, or any other criminal action while in office.

Another former, and now late, Commander-in-Chief that should have been held legally accountable for his actions and those of his minions is Ronald Regan. Among Republicans, Reagan is considered almost a saint. The truth of the matter is he condoned and approved the strange and illegal sale of arms to the Contras with Iran as middleman. The deal apparently also included illegal narcotics as part of the bargain. I guess Regan and Lieut. Col. Oliver North, serving as a national security advisor to Regan, could not live up to Regan’s anti-drug slogan: “Just say no!” Maybe some of those narcotics actually ended up in the personal possession of one or both of those two men. Would not surprise me at all!


This sale of arms to Iran was at that time, and I believe it still is, illegal by US law. To sell arms to a country on the banlist is considered an act of treason. We Americans usually take such actions quite seriously. However, it seems that “Blonde Ronnie” and his stooge Oliver North are exceptions to the laws against treason. I wonder what would have happened had it been Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter that had authorized this deal. Do you think the Republicans might have called for Clinton’s or Carter’s head? Heck, they might have even considered resurrecting the guillotine!


I am curious to see how much of King Donald’s insanity the American people will tolerate. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve had more than enough. Trouble is, I am only one person and one person cannot force the impeachment of the President. It will take a serious majority of the American people to relieve us of our mad king. Maybe that will come about no later than after the 2018 Congressional elections. I just hope this country survives two years of the Donald.


Let us all commit ourselves to voting in the 2018 election. Those of you who feel like I do that we need a change at the top, be sure to vote for candidates who agree with that position, regardless of what party affiliation they have. Time to put this country before loyalty to any political party whatsoever. Our future, the future of our children, the future of their children is at stake. I am saying that not as the cliché but as something that I truly believe. We need to defend and protect the heart and soul of America.


Peace and love!



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