2016 Presidential: Silly Season Part Two

It’s taken a bit longer to get to this post than I thought it would. Sorry about that. I realized after I finished the last post that I had kind of gotten off track a bit on what I originally intended to talk about and not post, so I’m going to do this now what I originally wanted to talk about was the fact that the conservatives here in this area, actually Southwest Missouri, have started an advertising blitz that goes way beyond anything I’ve ever seen during a political campaign. Given that I’m 68 years old I’ve seen quite a few political campaigns, so when I say this goes beyond anything I’ve seen rest assured it’s pretty over-the-top. Before I start talking about the advertising campaign itself I need to rant a little about the television rules that the federal government has set up.

I have satellite TV (Dish Network). I love dish network. It has certainly worked for me a lot better than their competition, which I’ve had before. I get my local channels through Dish. The problem is I don’t get to choose where the local networks come from. I live in north central Arkansas, but I get my local channels out of Springfield Missouri which is about 125 250 miles from here. [I really do live in the middle of nowhere]. Because I get local channels out of Springfield, I have to put up with advertising for political candidates running in elections that I don’t get to vote in, at least not for these candidates. I get to vote for the House of Representatives in Arkansas. I get to vote in that race for Sen. in Arkansas. I get to vote for the race for governor in Arkansas… You get the picture, right? I would love to get my local channels out of Little Rock Arkansas, which is about the same distance from here as Springfield Missouri. I have tried to get the stations out of Little Rock, but was told that because of the federal law I have to get my stations out of Springfield. Sounds to me like the conservative Republican businessmen who owned TV stations have put the screws to the federal government for their own benefit I guess I don’t know. Someday they will hopefully get it right but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I will probably be dead before they do that.

So, the conservative Republicans are spamming the advertising on local television. I mean in a three minute commercial break there’s a half a dozen political commercials for the same office but different candidates each time. Apparently, the Republicans are fighting among themselves as to who is going to control the party: the moderates, the liberals, or the arch conservatives. In Southwest Missouri, it will probably end up being the arch conservatives. You would not believe how conservative the electorate is in Southwest Missouri. I sometimes wonder if they realize that the South lost the Civil War. They are still fighting for states rights. Give me a break!

In their ads each of them claims to be more conservative than the other guy. Then there are these PAC ads that don’t really support anyone but rather rip the crap out of whoever’s running who the members of that political action committee don’t like. The truth in political advertising laws require that somebody take responsibility for the advertising. In most cases, that is the candidate being endorsed by the ad. You know the routine: “I’m [whatever candidate you want to insert here] and I approve this message.” The Ads from the PACs say that such and such political action committee is responsible for the advertising, but the name of that committee tells you absolutely nothing. For all I know it could be the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi party or the American Communist Party or the Aryan nation or even one of the terrorist groups overseas who are running nose ads. Gee, maybe Donald Trump knows that it’s Putin and the Russians running those ads. I have no clue and I’m sure neither do most of the other watching this advertising.

Some day we are going to have election laws and advertising in election laws that actually make some freaking sense. As I said at the end of my earlier post on this subject, the conservative Republicans have co-opted many of the expressions from the days of the hippie movement. Things like religious liberties, personal freedom, taking back the country, and so on. The trouble is, and this will be the subject of my next post in this series, is that what they mean by those expressions are very different than what our founding fathers meant by those expressions, what us hippies meant by it, and certainly what most people understand it them to mean. Until then, peace, love, and dope!


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