A Little Sunshine and a Lot of Hope

My son Michael is a very serious gamer. The reason he is a serious gamer is because I got him hooked on gaming back when he was six years old. I started Michael out on Warcraft II and there’s been no stopping him since. Michael loves to play games, design games, review games, read reviews, and read/watch all kinds of blogs and video blogs about gaming.

Recently Michael showed me a post on a video blog called Game Theory. It seems that the blogger who does Game Theory recently got to do an interview with Pope Francis. The man brought the Pope a video game. I’ll let him explain what video game and why he wanted the Pope to have this game in this very thoughtful video he made on the occasion. What I want to talk about is the social context and social philosophy that this man, who claims to represent the gaming community, presents to all gamers and non-gamers. His name is Matt, by the way, and I will refer to him as such.

I am a pacifist, and I have taught my children to be pacifists, more or less. One of the main reasons I am a pacifist is because I practice what Jesus preached: “Those who live by the sword die by the sword.” To me, that means that violence is no solution to anything, least of all, our personal relationships and the issues that arise in the. That pretty much is the same message that Pope Francis preaches and that Matt also preaches.

I had started to have some serious doubts about the younger generations. Back in the late 60s, when we were all young, there was an air of hope in the world. Just think about Woodstock, the Prague Spring, the Summer of Love, and all the other attempts at peace, love and harmony that went on in the late 60s and early 70s. A lot of stuff that happened after that seemed to try to take the joy and happiness and the peace out of this point in the space time continuum. A lot of people lost hope and reverted back to those practices and beliefs that we all were so opposed to during the “hippie revolution.”

Yes, I was and to some extent still am a hippie. I still believe in “peace, love, and dope.” You may smile or even laugh at that but it is what I have based my life on, more or less. Like all humans, I am imperfect and we all fall by the wayside every now and then. But, as Alfred says in Batman Begins, “Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up.” It seems that humanity is starting to pick itself back up again and thank God for that!

Finally, on a more personal note, the fact that my son Michael found this and believes this and practices this stuff that Matt talks about, makes me very proud of him and gives me a great deal of hope for the future of humanity. Hopefully you will feel the same way. If you have children of about the same age as my son Michael who are or are not gamers, make sure they see this video to. It is a lesson all of us need to learn…




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  1. Very cool post, and I watched the entire 16:15 of the video. Anybody who grew up on video games and enjoys history should love that video. You can learn a lot from it and the game is a platform for something much bigger than the game itself.

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