Finally! A Clear Choice

I will be 68 years old in May. That means that I have been old enough to vote 47 years stop in that 47 years, there has not been a clear choice for president. The last clear choice was Goldwater versus Johnson in 1964 and I was not old enough to vote in that election. But, if the nominees are Tromp on the Republican side and Sanders on the Democratic side, the 2016 election will offer a clear choice: a Socialist versus a conservative Republican.


If you are not familiar with my stand on politics, I am very much a socialist or even left a bad. I strongly believe in the redistribution of wealth and taking care of the poor and needy. I believe that health care should be a universal right provided by the government. The fact that doctors get rich off the misery of others is absolutely abhorrent to me. And it should be for anyone who claims to be a Christian. Unfortunately, I know too many Christian doctors who believe that lucrative medical practices are somehow compatible with Christianity. I have one word for them: BULLSHIT!


I certainly hope that the 2016 election does come down tromp Sanders, or perhaps one of the other arch conservative Republicans versus Sanders. I would be absolutely fascinated to see who the American public selects; whether we as a country vote right-wing or we vote left-wing. I certainly am going to vote left-wing.


Those people in this country who think that socialism equals what the Nazis did in Germany or what the so-called Communists did in the Soviet Union need to read things like Karl Marx’s Capital. Although it is a very dry read(I should know; I read it in graduate school), it explains very explicitly why capitalism is a very poor economic system for Christians. If you want to know why Western Christians, especially Protestants, are so gung ho for capitalism, read Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. By the way, the economic analysis of 19th-century capitalism in Marx’s book is presented in a Christmas classic by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Most of Dickens books also reflect that view of capitalism. It strikes me as rather weird that good God-fearing Christians who love Charles Dickens and his works absolutely abhor Karl Marx, even though they had never read him.


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  1. As a believer I long for balance. I dont want a warfare or welfare state. I long for charity to be personal and with a glad heart. We were given a plan for freedom as a nation. Is it so hard to uncouple force and division from our politics?

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