The Ugly Snake of Fundamentalism Rears Its Head Again!

It seems that we are fighting a religious war in this country… Again! Why is it that the religious fundamentalists want all of us to believe like they believe? Do they really think that they have the only claim to truth? Get real!

This County Clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it goes against her religious beliefs, even though the US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriages are covered by the the US Constitution. I am sorry, fundamentalists, but God’s law does not supersede the U.S. Constitution, because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of religion, which means we are free to be something other than Christian fundamentalists! If this woman really has a problem with this law, then she should re-sign!

Apparently she doesn’t want to do that. So the judge through her ass into jail! Good for that federal judge! I hope he lets her sit there until she either changes her mind and decide that freedom of religion is more important than enforcing her religious beliefs on everybody else in this country, or she decides to re-sign and the governor of Kentucky can replace her with somebody who’s willing to obey the law. I hope we do not have to resort to another Civil War to settle this issue like we had to do with the issue of slavery. It seems rather ironic that the people whose ancestors supported slavery are the same people who are opposed to same-sex marriage. I wonder if there is a relationship there.

I know, it’s the issue of states rights. Sorry fundamentalists. The Civil War settled that issue too, although there are a lot of people, mainly in the South, that don’t think so. Are they really prepared to fight the Civil War all over again?

One other thing I want to touch on briefly. There have been large numbers of Muslim refugees leaving the middle east, mainly Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Thousands and thousands of them! These people arm trying to get to Europe in order to get away from all of the civil unrest grounded in religious fundamentalism, Islamic variety, that is happening in their home countries. The problem is that most European countries tend to be prejudiced against Muslims, and the United States is as well, especially the Christian fundamentalists.

France and Great Britain combined have offered to take in over 40,000 of these refugees over the next two years, I believe. The United States is only prepared to take in 1,500, but there is some effort being made in Congress by members of the Democratic party to increase that number two as much as 55,000. Whoop de do!

We Americans still wallow in the glory of World War II and how evil the Japanese and the Germans were. We seem to relish talking about the evils of the Holocaust and how awful the Nazis were. I totally agree that the Nazis were incredibly evil, but it’s time to put that issue to rest as far as German national policy is concerned. The German government has announced that it is prepared to accept 800,000 of these Muslim refugees! The video clips of them arriving in Germany shows the Germans welcoming them with open arms! I think this certainly counts as an act of atonement for the Holocaust.


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