Paradigm Shift

I know I promised to talk about my choice for Pres. in 2016, but there have been some really interesting political developments not related to the Presidential race that need to be discussed. I went do one today, and one next time. Both are related and both are related to what I am going to talk about on my Christian Heresiology site.

The US supreme Court voted five-to-four to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. That is terrific! A related development is the announcement by former Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner(Now known as Caitlyn Jenner) that he is no longer considering himself a man, but rather a woman. Both the decisions force us to rethink how we define gender and sexuality. Obviously, it is time for a paradigm shift.

This may be a bit confusing or complicated for some people to understand, so I will try to explain it as simply as possible. In Western culture, which is the one I know best and this may be applicable in Eastern cultures, we treat biology and culture as two separate things, somewhat diametrically opposed to each other. What we fail to understand is that what we consider biology is actually an extension of our culture. What I mean, is that there is no such thing as raw nature. Nature is a concept in our culture and in our culture we tend to talk about nature as something separate from culture, and even as something that is in direct opposition to culture and that culture has to overcome. To that I say: Bullshit!

In American culture, we define gender and sexuality using biological concepts. For example, a person with a penis and testicles is considered a male, no matter what that person thinks they are. This is the case with Bruce Jenner. He has male genitalia what he considers himself a woman and wants to be defined by American society as a woman.

As far as the issue of same-sex marriage goes, the argument made in favor of same-sex marriage is that society has no right to define who we can love and who we can’t love. In American culture, and especially in American Christian fundamentalism, love and marriage are possible only between a biologically correct male and a biologically correct female. Horse manure! We should be allowed to love who we want no matter what their biology says they are. I applaud the Supreme Court for its courage in making this ruling. Given the conservatism of the judges on the the Court, I thoroughly expected them to rule against same-sex marriage. For once, I was wrong and I’m glad of it.


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