The Obamacare Myth

I’m taking a short break from “Confronting the Past” to delve into a political rant. Because of concerns over my heart condition, I have avoided getting myself stressed out over politics, but this has gone on long enough. It’s time somebody told the truth.

Obamacare is severely misnamed. If Obama and the Democrats had had their way, we would have universal health care or, as some of our more conservative fellows call it, Socialized Medicine. What the media calls “Obamacare” is a very watered-down version of what the Democrats originally wanted. That watering-down was done by the Republicans. The Democrats gave in because it was the only way to get anything resembling reform, even if what we got is total crap. If i were a conspiracy theorist, I might be inclined to say the Republicans did this intentionally so that they could use the mess that would result as a way to discredit Obama. Also, if I were indeed a conspiracy theorist, I would argue that the issues with the website were the result of politically motivated sabotage.

The reason I am not arguing for a conspiracy here is because a conspiracy would require intelligent cooperation between the conspirators. I don’t think there is any real cooperation, intelligent or otherwise, among the people trying to discredit the Obama administration. I think that the real motivation for these efforts at sabotage is a very, very subtle and insidious form of racism. The racists in this country revert to overt acts of violence like lynchings, cross-burnings or assassinations. Instead, they use more subtle and more technologically advanced methods. The racists in this county cannot get over the idea of a black man being elected President. I wonder what they would have done had we elected a black woman who happened to actually be a Muslim. I thought we left all of this behind us a long time ago, back in my younger days. It seems that Montaigne was right: If we do not learn the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them. Apparently, we have not learned our lessons, and then we wonder why the Second Coming is taking so long.


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  1. For those of you who are skeptical about my comments on racism today, may I suggest you do a google search on Richie Incognito and/or Johnathon Martin. I suggest you pay especial attention to some of the comments from some of the more thoughtful Afro-american players, the ones who do not subscribe to the “gangsta” ethic,

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