Election 2012:A Line in the Sand Part 1

With the Presidential election less then nine months away, the political silly-season is really beginning to heat up. Although the Republicans have not yet decided on who their standard bearer will be in November, the battle lines are already being drawn for the general election. The Republicans and their more conservative allies are taking a very hard-line position on certain major issues. President Obama, on the other hand, seems to be following the same moderate course he has followed throughout his first term in office.

The Republicans are, as they have for the last four years, painting Obama as an extreme liberal, even calling him a socialist. Like so many other arguments made by the Republicans, this one is a distortion of the truth. But then, politicians rarely let the truth get in the way of their bombastic rhetoric. They feel that we, the electorate, are mindless sheep that follow where lead. Continue reading Election 2012:A Line in the Sand Part 1