Spending Cuts I’d Like to See

I’ve been half-heartedly paying to the republican debates, half-heartedly because the level of bullshit these people spout is over-whelming.  Anyway. it appears that one of the main issues in the upcoming Presidential election will be the U.S. economy, most especially our very large deficit. There are two main ways to deal with the deficit: spending cuts and or tax increases. The republicans are adamantly opposed to tax increases, even ones that will make the tax code much fairer in the eyes of most middle-class and working-class Americans. The Republicans solution is to cut spending on programs that are targeted to the middle and working-class, programs referred to as “entitlements”. One of the prime targeted entitlements is Social Security, the retirement safety net established during the Great Depression and still the retirement safety net for the working poor, most middle-classed, as well as seriously disadvantaged Americans. I’d like to offer some spending cuts that are targeted to those most able to absorb the lost “entitlements” and least deserving of those “entitlements”. The individuals that should be targeted by new spending cuts are elected and appointed federal officials, everything from the President on down to federal judges. These people receive health care and substantial retirement benefits, all at the expense of the American tax-payers. Most of these politicians are lawyers or a similar profession. Not only do these individuals hold a federal position for which they receive substantial compensation, but they also have very lucrative outside private practices. If you don’t believe me, do a search for the income tax return of your politician of choice. These individuals can easily afford to pay for private health insurance, something many Americans cannot do. Instead of wasting tax-payer money on something these individuals can easily afford, take the money and provide healthcare benefits for those individuals do not have coverage through their employers and who cannot afford the ridiculous premiums charged by private insurers.

Retirement benefits are provided by the federal government to former Presidents, retired judges, and I think, former congressmen. I’m not sure whether retired cabinet officials collect federal retirement. The most glaring injustice in this is the pensions for former Presidents. Someone can only be President for a maximum of eight years, after which they receive a substantial pension. Most employers require at least twenty years before their employees vested in a company retirement program. Unlike former Presidents, who probably have a individual retirement plan funded with money from their outside practices, many retired Americans only have their social security checks as income. Take the money we use to pay pensions to politicians who really don’t need them, and, instead, use that money to fund social security. That would be only fair, given that the politicians have been stealing money from social security for years to pay for their stupidity.

As far as I know, there is not one Presidential candidate of any party proposing these types of spending cuts. I think we should all refuse to support candidates who want us to give up “entitlements” that we need to survive and live out our lives in a reasonable manner, until these politicians to give up their ludicrous perks. It is time the American people put these politicians in their place and took back our country.


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