Election 2012: Is it Socialism?

One of my pet peeves is the use of concepts by people who have no real clue as to the meaning of that concept. This is especially prevalent in political discourse. Too often people misuse concepts not out of ignorance, but rather to disceive and mislead. This deception is called propaganda, something that the nazi’s were masters at.

The reason that i mention the Nazis is because the right-wing political propagandists in this country equate the Third Reich with socialism, which is ridiculous. First of all, the Third Reich was a totalitarian political system, in which the government, embodied in the Oligarchy that controlled the Nazi party, owned some but not all of the most essential economic resources. Socialism is the cooperative ownership of essential means of production by all the citizens of the body politic. A socialist economy can exist in various political systems. It does NOT have to be a totalitarian government.

Here is a very good definition of socialism from Wikipedia, the Free Online Encyclopedia:

Socialism /ˈsoʊʃəlɪzəm/ is an economic system in which the means of production are either state owned or commonly owned and controlled cooperatively; or a political philosophy advocating such a system.[1] As a form of social organization, socialism is based on co-operative social relations and self-management; relatively equal power-relations and the reduction or elimination of hierarchy in the management of economic and political affairs.

I strongly suggest that those of you who are not well-versed in political and/or social theory read the entire article. The best counter to the machinations of the propaganda peddlers is a well-educated body politic. Let it not be said that I am not doing my part to keep you well-informed C:.

I find it both totally ridiculous and extremely disturbing that the right-wing political fundamentalists in this country have mastered the propaganda techniques of the Third Reich. Has Joseph Goebbels come back to life in 21st century America?


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