You Want Spending Cuts? I Got Spending Cuts!

The so-called “Fiscal Conservatives” in Congress want to balance the budget and lower the deficit by reducing Federal Spending. That’s a great idea! However, instead of reducing the so-called “entitlements” for low-income and little income people who really need the help, let’s reduce spending in areas where the people who would be effected by those cuts can at least afford them.

Besides the obvious reduction in the military budget, a topic I will discuss in a later post, why don’t we reduce the entitlements the elected officials? Former presidents do not need pensions. Even if they serve two-terms, eight years, that’s a lot less then the twenty years or more the average working stiff has to stay at the same job to get a pension. Also, eliminate all pensions for Congressmen. Most of these guys have “Second jobs” and outside interests that pay them far more then most working Americans will see in a lifetime.

Second, eliminate free health-care for all elected federal officials. Most of these guys, and I use the word in a non sexist way, are millionaires or damn close to it. They make more in a year, not counting their Federal salary, then you or I will make in a lifetime. They want people who they think can afford to pay for healthcare to pay for healthcare rather then depending on Federal “entitlements”. Hell, if anybody can afford the ridiculous premiums that the insurance are charging for Healthcare, it’s these idiots.

It’s time that we working class and middle class Americans stood up to these fools and stopped believing their incredible bullshit. Contrary to the conservative rhetoric, it is not small business that drives the American economy, it is the working Americans. It is not small business, in the sense that you and I understand small business, that creates jobs. Jobs are created by the large corporations and mid-sized businesses. The problem that our economy and that has led to the large unemployment figures is that we give theses companies tax-credits and other entitlements even though they run their businesses poorly, ship jobs over seas because it costs less for labor in Third-World, and the politicians in our government are, for the most part, deep in the pockets of these corporations.

I am afraid that the “pundits”(Idiots) at Fox News maybe right: class warfare – and it won’t be a war of words – is coming if we do not radically change the status quo. This country belongs to the people and I do not include corporations as people. I don’t give a damn what the supreme court said, they’re bigger whores then the assholes Congress.

As a post-script a tip of my hat to Warren Buffet who had the balls to say that wealthy people like him need to pay their fair share of taxes.


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