The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit of Capitalism Revisited

In 1905 Max Weber, one of the most influential social theorists, published probably his most widely read book, The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism, in which he argues that one of the most influential ideas of the reformation was that material success was a measure of spiritual favor. Weber also argues that this was the main driving force behind the rise of Capitalism of Western Europe and, of course the United States. i am not going to discuss the theological trail or implications of Weber’s hypothesis in this blog. Rather, I will discuss it in my Christian Heresiology blog when we discuss the reformation as heresy, which it is. Continue reading The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit of Capitalism Revisited


You Want Spending Cuts? I Got Spending Cuts!

The so-called “Fiscal Conservatives” in Congress want to balance the budget and lower the deficit by reducing Federal Spending. That’s a great idea! However, instead of reducing the so-called “entitlements” for low-income and little income people who really need the help, let’s reduce spending in areas where the people who would be effected by those cuts can at least afford them.

Besides the obvious reduction in the military budget, a topic I will discuss in a later post, why don’t we reduce the entitlements the elected officials? Former presidents do not need pensions. Even if they serve two-terms, eight years, that’s a lot less then the twenty years or more the average working stiff has to stay at the same job to get a pension. Also, eliminate all pensions for Congressmen. Most of these guys have “Second jobs” and outside interests that pay them far more then most working Americans will see in a lifetime. Continue reading You Want Spending Cuts? I Got Spending Cuts!