Election 2012: Where’s the Change Part 2

What I want to talk about today is the lack of change in American foreign policy, change that was promised by Barack Obama when he was campaign for the democratic nomination and then the Presidency back in 2008. The main change that has not been forthcoming was the end of U.S Military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Granted, Obama has finally set a time table for the removal of U.S. Troops from the Middle East, but this removal has come much later and much slower then originally promised. Instead of a reduction in our Militaristic approach to foreign affairs, we have seen an increasing glorification of militarism in all facets of American life. I do not begrudge appreciation of the service our veterans provide, but the glorification of militarism reminds me to much of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Continue reading Election 2012: Where’s the Change Part 2


Election 2012: Where’s the Change?

Back in 2007 I started a two-year series of articles about the presidential primaries and general election of 2008. In that series I endorsed Barack Obama as the democratic nominee and in the presidential election of 2008. The main reason I supported Obama was that he promised change from the policies of the Bush administration. Well, I’m still waiting for those changes.

I do realize that the situation that he inherited in January of 2009 when he was sworn in as President was worse then any of us, including Obama, expected. Also, the loss of the democratic majority in congress in 2010 added to Obama’s difficulties. But that loss was, I believe, due in large part to the dissatisfaction that many of us felt with the way things had been handled the previous two years by the democratic Congress and Obama. What do i mean? Let me explain. Continue reading Election 2012: Where’s the Change?

Announcement: Closing Bookstores

For a long time one of the best internet affiliate programs has been Amazon.com. They, unlike many others, do not require you to recruit a down-line or commit to buying a minimum amount of products every month. Also, they are one of the most stable and reliable affiliate programs around.

I have been an Amazon affiliate for quite some time, probably ten years or so. However, that relationship has come to an end, an end not of my choice. Amazon is strictly an online retailer. It has no presence in the real world, that is, no actual bookstores. For a long time online retailers and their affiliates have been exempt from collecting state sales tax. However, in recent years, and most recently here in Arkansas, states have been passing revisions to their tax codes that requires online retailers and their affiliates to collect sales tax for sales originating in that state. Continue reading Announcement: Closing Bookstores