The Ugly Americans at ESPN

I'm not really a golfer but I do occasionally enjoy watching a gold tournament on TV, especially the final round. Yesterday I watched the final round of the U.S open which was one my Rory McIlroy, a 22 year old from Northern Ireland. McIlroy's win was very impressive in that he had a substantial lead... Continue Reading →


Election 2012: Sarah Palin

This is probably the first of many posts about Sarah Palin, especially if she actually get nominated for President. My overall opinion about Palin is that she is annoying and, to put it nicely, not very bring. Palin, like most politicians, is a self-serving hypocrite, but she takes it a step further then most. Before... Continue Reading →

Election 2012: Ron Paul

On May 5th several not-so-prominent Republican Presidential hopefuls held their first debate. One of the major topics of discussion was the federal deficit. Both the Republicans and the Tea Partiers want to have a balance budget, I.E., they want the Federal Government to not spend more then it makes. That makes sense and I certainly... Continue Reading →

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