Yes He Can!… Unlike Dubya Bush!

The announcement President Obama made Sunday night is the best possible response Obama could have made to all the silliness about his birth certificate.

After President Obama got sick and tired of Donald Trump’s nonsense about weather Obama was actually born in the U.S. and therefore legally President and released his birth certificate, Donald Trump practically broke both arms patting himself on the back. When Obama announced the death of Bin Laden and the recovery of his body Sunday night, my daughter received an e-maill from one of her High School teachers of this image. I think the captions says it all lol.

You might Jon Stewart’s comments on the release of Obama’s birth certificate amusing as well as Stephen Colbert’s. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert talked about the death of Bin Laden Last night, and I suspect they will again tonight, so, if you have Comedy Central on your television you might want to tune in at 11pm Eastern time. A lot of the more conservative news analysts are trying imho to give Bush and his administration a lot more credit for the death of Bin Laden then the Bush Administration deserves. Even if the leads that lead to Sunday’s events were developed during the Bush Administration, Bush never had the balls to go into Pakistan and go after Bin Laden himself. Bush, for all his talk and bravado, settled for an easy “victory” over Saddam Hussein rather than the person(Bin Laden) we really needed to go after. Bush refused to go into Pakistan to get Bin Laden because he was to busy kissing the ass of Pervez Musharraf. It was not until very late in his second term that Bush finally stopped supporting Musharraf regime and the Pakistani People were able to achieve a more Democratic government. I wonder how much the impending election of Obama had to do with that.

The thing that we all need to remember is that Osama’s death will not put an end to the activities of terrorists nor will it speed up the end of U.S. Military action in Afghanistan or Iraq or even Libya. What it will do is give the families of the victims of 9/11 a sense of closure. Weather we consider Osama’s death justice or revenge is not important. What we must do from here on is stay vigilant against terrorism and continue to promote in a very real sense, with actions not words, the efforts against oppression and tyranny like we did in Egypt and are doing in Libya. We also need to remember that just because the terrorists and the tyrants may be Muslims, that does not mean that that represent the teachings and principles of Islam, no more so than the Crusades represented the teachings and principles of Christianity. In the history of any major religion it seems that those seeking power will use that religion and to achieve their ends, even if it means perverting the core principles of that religion.


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