Election 2012 Introduction

Although the next Presidential election is more then 18 months away, I think it is time to start looking at the potential candidates and the probable issues that will shape this campaign. As those of you who are long time readers will rememb4ver, I was an ardent supporter of Barrack Obama in the last election. However, I am not sure I will be as ardent in my supporter of his re-election this time around.

The reason for my lack of enthusiasm for Obama’s re-election is that he has fallen far short of my expectations in his efforts to bring about real change in American domestic and foreign policy. We still do not have a healthcare system that puts the needs of people ahead of corporate profits, we still have a foreign policy that is too quick on the trigger, and not enough emphasis on the desires and aspirations of the peoples we are claiming to help. Our economic policies, which also effect in a very significant way our environmental policies, are still strongly grounded in an overdependance on fossil fuels. Our tax code greatly favors the large corporations, which are the culprits in all of these issues, at the expense of working people. I will discuss each of these areas in greater detail in the months ahead, but right now I will sketch out some of the basic problems in order to get our discussions rolling. Continue reading Election 2012 Introduction