Gloom and Doom for Fun and Profit

A commercial predicting the “End of America as we Know it” has been getting some exposure recently on some cable TV stations. The commercial claims to be extremely controversial and sends you to this website to watch a somewhat lengthy video.

I watched most of the video, turning it off only when it became, as I expected, a sales pitch. The person who did the video claims to be, and perhaps is – I did not research him – an investment research specialist with a excellent, or so he claims, track record. The gist of his message is that the United States is facing an imminent currency crisis of apocalyptic proportions. What he appears to be selling, based on the little of his sales pitch that I did see is his advice on how to prophet from this catastrophe. To quote John Cougar Mellencamp, “Isn’t that America?” Only in America is it considered “ethical” to profit from other people’s suffering. Continue reading Gloom and Doom for Fun and Profit


To Go or Not to Go

Those of you who are long long time readers know that I am a big fan of the National Football Leader (NFL). I love watching football, so the idea of a work stoppage in the NFL comes as a serious disappointment.

But I understand and support the players in their labor dispute with the NFL owners. If you, gentle reader, seriously think about the issues involved, I thoroughly believe you too should support the players. After all, how many of you would be happy having your first full-time employer selected for you rather than you choosing the company? How many of you would tolerate working conditions in a career that only lasted 3.5 years because of the dangers involved? How many of you would accept working conditions that shortened your life expectancy by 25 years? If you did choose such a career path, wouldn’t you want the best healthcare and retirement benefits possible? These are the main issues that separate the players and the owners in the NFL. Continue reading To Go or Not to Go

Political Fundamentalists Show Their True Colors In Battle in Wisconsin

I seriously considered using “The Dumbing Down of American Children” as the title for this post, sense one of the issues at stake in Wisconsin, and elsewhere, is the quality of the public education system. However, that is only the “superficial” issue that I want to address. What is more important is in the final analysis is the level of hypocrisy expressed by the fundamentalist politicians and their allies in the media. Jon Stewart in The Daily Show episode of March 3rd offers in the first segment some interesting contrasts in the rhetoric the Fundamentalists use in discussing the proposed legislation in Wisconsin that is attempting to destroy the collective bargaining rights of teachers as opposed to the rhetoric they use when talking about the attempts by the Obama administration to allow the Bush tax cuts for people earning more then $250,000 per year, as well as proposed attempts to recoup the extravagant bonuses paid to executives of the large banks that received Federal bailout money. Please view the entire episode before continuing. Continue reading Political Fundamentalists Show Their True Colors In Battle in Wisconsin