Special Announcement

I am very happy to announce the release of my “new” blog, Christian Heresiology. I used the quotation mark around “new” because this blog is a, in large part, reworking of my old Threshing Floor blog. Christian Heresiology is a heretical look at the politics and Theology of Christian Heresy from the time of the Crucifixion up to and including the Protestant Reformation. I say heretical because, in my opinion, the accepted history of the battle between Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity has been written by the victors in that battle, and is, therefore, quite distorted in favor of the Orthodox viewpoint. I think it is time that a more balanced view of that history needs the light of day.

I hope those of you who have some interest in the subject will take a look at my offerings. Please feel free to offer your comments, the link to the new site is in the sidebar.


Two Years After

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, center, gestures to protesters in the state Capitol rotunda in Madison on Friday, Feb. 18, 2011.
Back in 2008 I strongly supported the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, mainly because I thought he would be a driving force for change in this country, change that is needed even more now than then. Unfortunately, all we’ve gotten the past two years is more of the same old crap, just different window dressing. I don’t know weather my disappointment is due to the systemic hypocrisy of American politics or Obama’s personal hypocrisy. In either case, what we got from Obama so far is certainly not what we expected. Continue reading Two Years After

Been a Long Time

Two years is a long time to have been away. Although I still have issues with my eyesight that make reading and writing on my own impossible, my youngest son, Michael, has agreed to help me by being my eyes and my fingers. Hopefully this arrangement will make it possible for me to post once a week on a fairly regular basis.

Also, if I can find my old files for The Threshing Floor, I intend to revive it as well, here on WordPress. Looking forward to talking to you all again soon.