The Great Ice Storm of 2009

You may have heard or read about the ice storm that hit northern Arkansas - my geographic location - on Tuesday, January 27. Here's a personal account - mine - of that storm. We lost our power a little before noon on Tuesday. We were without electricity until late afternoon on Thursday. That meant no... Continue Reading →


The Promised Land

I wrote this Tuesday [January 20], but was not able to proof or publish it until today. I decided to leave the verb tenses in the present rather than potentially destroy the feel of this post. Hope you enjoy it! Today is a very historic day in American history. Today we inaugurate the first African=-American... Continue Reading →

The Great Experiment Is Over

  As you may or may not know, I am not a fan of Microsoft or its products. Because o that, I have been using a Linux distribution - Ubuntu - since late May on my computer as part of a double-boot system with Windows. The main reason for having the Windows OS - Bista... Continue Reading →

“Hail! Hail, rock’n’roll!”

Since the political situation in this country is entering a period of transition with the change in administration, I am going to hold off commenting on politics for awhile, and, instead, I am going to sort of reminisce a bit as a way of making social commentary. Besides, with all the ugly crap in politics... Continue Reading →

Who Is Number One?

Those of you who follow my rants and raves here know that I am a big football fan, especially college football, and you are probably guessing that this post is about the National Championship game tomorrow evening between the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma. You're right. It is about that game but... Continue Reading →

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