More DoubleSpeak From Bush Administration

The required transfer in four weeks of all of the Bush White House’s electronic mail messages and documents to the National Archives has been imperiled by a combination of technical glitches, lawsuits and lagging computer forensic work, according to government officials, historians and lawyers.

Bush e-mails may be secret a bit longer

That is what George Orwell called Doublespeak.Translated it means that George Busn and/or his cronies want to keep certain curcial and obviously damning information out of the hands of people who might want to prosecute Bush administration officials for their misdeeds during the eight years of the Bush administration. Anytime anyoe wantts to deny public access to computer records, they always claim there are technical issues, What they mean is they need more time to clean the digital trail.

This is the Bush version of the Nicon Watergate tapes. Just as we, the Americn people, will never know the whole truth of Nixon.s involvement in the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover-up, so we will never know how much Bush knew about the truth of the intelligence community misrepresentations of the situtation in Iraq or the torture of Iraqi prisoners or any of the other things Bush is sorry for now that he is leaving office. Personally, I doubt heis sorry about anything, including the economic crisis we are in now.

Speaking of that crisis, there are some in the conservative camp who want to blame the economic down turn on the shift in the balance of power in Confress two years ago. To me, that is ludicrous. You do not create an economic depression of the scale we are seeing now in only two years. The economy was in very strong shape in 2001 when Bush took office. We even had a budget surplus that was acheived by the Clinton Administration after the first Bush administration had handed the American people a record deficit. Like faither, like son, I guess. And for all the conservative talk abot strong fiscal responsibilities and a balanced budget, how come it is the Republicans that put us into debt up to our necks and the Democrats who bail us out? Hopefully the Obama Administration will follow in the footsteps of the FDR and Clinton administrations and get us back on track.

Anyway, back to what is Bush trying to hide. I think its time to rewrite the rules regarding executive privilege and immunity. The curent laws remove any real personal respnsibility for the man in office. I understand all the rhetoric about how these rules are designed to not tie the hands of a President while he is in office, but we’re seeing way too much abuse of the office because of these privileges and immunities. A President needs to be held personally responsible, in the full legal sense, for any abuses and mismanagement under his watch. Maybe then we will put an end to blank spots in the Presidential archives.

After all, the President should be, and tecgnically he is, supposed to make a full accounting to the American people of everything he does while in office. The President is an employee of the American people and just like any employee, he must be accountable to his employer for his actions while employed by that employer. Even a corporate board of directors is responsible to the shareholders of the company and can be held legally responsible for any malfeasance while in office, so is the President of the United States accountable to the shareholders of the United States, the American people who eleted him. That accountability should inclunde the potential for criminial prosecution after he leaves office. And that should include all administration staff hired by the President. Maybe the idea of spending their retirement in prison will put the fear of the Lord into the politicians who think  they are above the law. Maybe then we will get government officials who put the American people first.

This will be my last post before Christmas. I am taking the next few days off, after I do one more pos on The Threshing Floor, to spend time with my wife and children to celebrate Christmas. So let me wish you all a very merry Christmas or whatever holidsy you celebrate this time of year. May your holiday bee filled with love, family and good cheer. Until next week, peace.


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