Quacks From A Lame Duck

Here are some things that our limping lame-duck soon to be ex-President has to say about his policies and actions during the last eight years. I’ve added my own sound bites to what Dubya the Dumb has to say. Hope you enjoy the quaking.

U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday urged Congress to help those ailing automakers that can survive and said the jump in unemployment last month reflected the fact that the U.S. economy was in a recession.

“Today’s job data reflects the fact that our economy is in a recession,” Bush told reporters after the government reported the highest jump in monthly job losses in 34 years. It was the first time Bush has publicly acknowledged that the economy had fallen into a recession.

“We’re working to stabilize the markets and make credit more affordable and available,” he said, adding that some thawing had occurred in the credit markets. There is “still more work to do, but there are some encouraging signs,” he said.

Bush urges Congress to help automakers

Of course, Bush wants US taxpayers to bail out Detroit’s Big Three. Bush is clueless when it comes to spotting mismanagement. Arte all, look at the wonderful job he’s done these past eight years managing this country.

President George W. Bush expressed remorse that the global financial crisis has cost jobs and harmed retirement accounts and said he’ll back more government intervention if needed to ease the recession.

“I’m sorry it’s happening, of course,” Bush said in a wide-ranging interview with ABC’s “World News,” which was airing Monday. “Obviously I don’t like the idea of people losing jobs, or being worried about their 401(k)s. On the other hand, the American people got to know that we will safeguard the system. I mean, we’re in. And if we need to be in more, we will.”

Bush sorry economic crisis has cut jobs, 401 (k)s

That’s very nice, George. I just have one question for you: Where’s out bailout? Or do you not think that the working people of this country are worth saving? Or are you so stupid that you think that by saving the fat cats they would in turn see to it that the working people of this country would be provided for? The only way those fat cats do anything to help working people is if the government makes them do it. Their priority is keeping their investors happy, not their employees and their customers.

That’s what’s wrong with the American economy. We’ve gotten away from putting the customer, who may very well be a customer as well, first. Instead, we’ve put stock prices and dividends before the customer, the working people of this country. The markets, which Bush was so eager to bailout, are not the people, and most definitely not the working people, of this country. They are not even real capitalism, but only the illusion of capitalism.

This last one is my favorite:

George Bush, the US president, has said that he came to office “unprepared for war” and that his “biggest regret” is his country’s “intelligence failure” on Iraq.

In an interview with ABC television’s “World News Tonight”, Bush also said he was “sorry” that the global economic meltdown was taking place and predicted that he would leave office on January 20 with his “head held high”.

Bush regrets Iraq war intelligence

He was referring to the reports of weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly being manufactured an stockpiled by Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Those weapons never materialized. so, it appears our reasons for invading Iraq were spurious and 4,000 plus American soldiers and who knows how many Iraqi civilians died because George Bush, due to a lack of intelligence, both in the sense of information and the sense of mental capabilities, blundered precipitously into s war for which he was totally unprepared. In other words, George Bush, by his own admission eight years after the fact, was unqualified to be President of the United States.

I totally agree that he was unprepared, no only in the ways mentioned above, but also he had then, and still does, a serious lack of maturity, of wisdom, of the ability to make good decisions, and a very naive understanding of morality, not to mention a serious lack of understanding of both world and American history. He also was a very poor judge of other people, as exhibited in his choice of advisers. Had he made better choices in his advisers, he might have had better information and more intelligent advice on both Iraq and the economy.

He may very well leave office with his head held high because he is too stupid and insensitive to realize that it was his errors as President that have made the mess this country is in now. As Harry Truman said some sixty years ago, “The buck stops here.” And that, Mr. Bush means, in case you don’t have the necessary intelligence, responsibility for this country ultimately rests with the person in the Oval Office. For good or bad, what happens on your watch is your responsibility.

The fact that you are sorry for the mess is totally unacceptable. For once in your life, be a mature, responsible person and stand up and admit that you messed up. Fortunately, it is too late to impeach you for your ineptitude and incompetence. Chances are you will avoid any kind of legal repercussions. The only judge you will have to face, other than the one on Judgment Day, is the one whose lessons you ignored, whether out of ignorance or arrogance, I don’t know. That judge is history, and I suspect history will judge you quite harshly.


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  1. You need to separate the man from the office. While I very much respect the office of the President of the USA, I have lost what little respect I had for George Bush. The man deserves impeachment for his absolutely immoral behavior in office. He deserves whatever calmumny that comes his way. It is Presidents like this Bush and Nicon who have dishonored the office far more than any of their critics.

    BTW, your use of the quote from the Letter to the Hebrews was interesting. That is the cant used by bureaucrats to keep the sheep in line and was obviously written, not by one of the apostles, not even Paul, but by some bureaucratic syncophant who wanted to protect his office, to use your term, from the heretics who expected the clergy to actually behave in a Christ-like manner.

    Authority only comes from the consent of the governed, whether in a religious or secular government, When the people holding office no longer have the consent of the governed, that is when the office holders resort to this kind of cant to quell the dissatisfaction of the governed. Power always rests in the people, not in the institutions they create.

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