Election 2008: White Guilt, White Fear

One of the problems with having friends who are neo-conservatives is that they feel the need to send you lot of political clap-trap, the off-the-wall, inflammatory garbage that is so easily found on the Internet, stuff written by people who do not feel the need to do any serious research or critical analysis of what they read. Just like so many people forty years thought everything on the evening news was the truth, now people think if it shows up on the Internet, especially the social networks, it’s true. They don’t understand that the people that run those sites do not edit the stuff people post for accuracy. Heck, some don’t even edit it for obscenity or hate.

and, as we all know, anyone willing to put in the time and effort can have a web site where they can rant an rave about anything and everything under the sun. With just a minimum of effort on a search site, you can find stuff supporting any political position or scientific hypothesis, no matter how loony it may seem. I suspect you will even find sites to support the flat-earth theory, if you wanted to bother looking. I haven’t looked for that one, but I have found sites that propose that the events of 9/11, especially the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, were either faked videos or a plot by the US intelligence agencies, that the Holocaust never happened, that we really did recover alien bodies at Roswell back in the 1950s, and, of course, all the weird stuff about Barack Obama during the recent election campaign.

The funny thing is that I also have friends on the Internet who are even more left-wing politically than I am, if that is even possible! However, they do not send me loony stuff from the Internet. In fact, from my somewhat limited research, there seem to be more sites geared towards right wing loonies than left-wing loonies have a theory about that, but it’s a little loony and will probably offend  lot of the neo-conservatives. Keep in mind this is only a hypothesis and has not been subjected to rigorous scientific testing.

It is my hypothesis that the political left-wing, as a whole, is more educated than the right wing. Left-wing radicals tend to go to more prestigious schools like Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, and numerous small schools that foster independent thinking. The neo-conservatives tend to go to colleges with strong fundamentalist religious affiliations where there is less emphasis on critical thinking and more on learning fundamentalist, neo-conservative dogma. Someday, I may actually do the research to test this hypothesis using the biographical data of leaders from both sides, past and present, as my not-so-random sample.

Anyway, I got an email from a neo-conservative friend, one who was staunchly opposed to the election of Barack Obama, about how Obama’s election finally and unequivocally puts to rest the issue of “white guilt,” whatever that is. As far as I could tell, very few people voted for Obama out of any sense of racial guilt. In fact, the only white people who seemed to vote on the basis of race where those who voted against hi because he is black. That is the reason, in my opinion, that Bush carried the South so solidly, with a couple of exceptions. Blacks, I am sure, voted for him because he was black, just as so many people voted for McCain because he was white, or an old guy, or because Sarah Palin was a woman.

Butt those people may, for the most part, have voted for him anyway. It does not appear that age or gender were large factors in how people voted, but race, it appears, was. For McCain to do so well in the South, especially in southern states with significant numbers of black votes that turned out in record number for one of their own, means that whites also turned out to vote for McCain in equally large numbers. While Obama is most definitely a very charismatic politician, I’m sorry, but McCain is not, nor is Sarah Palin all that charismatic either. The only thing that could motivate so many people in the South, who, I feel, had Obama been white rather than black, would have voted for the Democratic ticket, who are feeling the pain of the economic crisis as much as the rest of us, who are upset over the deceit and deception of their government as much as the rest of us, is racism and the culture of fear it breeds.

I am sorry, Tom Adkins [the author of the op-ed piece that was the content of the email I received], white guilt was not a factor in the Presidential election, but white fear, spread by people like you, most definitely was. You are correct in saying  white guilt is dead, but, I fear, as long as there are people like you in this country, white fear is not dead.

Maybe the white guilt Adkins is talkingabout is his own guilt for his own racism!

The editorial by Tom Adkins appeared in the November 9th issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Click here to read the original article.


9 thoughts on “Election 2008: White Guilt, White Fear

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  1. I took a quick look at your site and it piqued my inerest. I will not ive you a definite answer yet, but I do promise to spend some time reading your posts. I will then make a decision on joining your site.

    Thanks for the invitation. I take it as a compliment.

  2. HI John.

    Finally got back to read this post.

    Not too sure if there ever was ” White Guilt ” in the US, but regardless, I do think that race played a minor role in the election…the race to institute a change in direction.

    Obama did not get elected just on message alone thou, there was definetly a groundswell of support for him due to his being a young, charismatic and sometimes pragmatic speaker.

    Cool, Calm, and Collected during every televisied debate, Obama stayed on message, no matter what McCain was saying during attacks, and he even stayed composed during ” Biden Gaffs ” ( as the news talk radio pundits like to call them )his message, while not very defined, was none the less inspirational, and moved the American voter to vote for him and his message of change.

    I did indeed vote for Obama, I was sold on his message of hope thru change.

    No white guilt here.


  3. Lew,

    I was beginning to think you ot lost on your way here! LOL

    Yep, there was little whitr GUILT in this election, but I think race was more than a minor factor. The Repiblicans tried pretty damn hard to play the race card I mean, look at that whole hullabaloo about Jeremiah Wtight, That was totally racially motivated. And that crap about his supposed secretl being a Muslim – the turban photo – would never even have come up had he been white.

    If he had been white, he probably would not have gotten the level of support he did from the African-American community, but he probably would have done better among white voters, so the end result probably would have been about the same, but by a smaller margin of victory.

    I hope that in 2012 people will vot for or against him basedon his tracl record these next four years, and that the next time we have a viable minority candidate for President, the American people will look at what the man stands for and not what color he is. Obama’s election may very well have put us on the road to achieve that, especially if he turns out to be a very good President, which I believe he will.


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