Election 2008: White Guilt, White Fear

One of the problems with having friends who are neo-conservatives is that they feel the need to send you lot of political clap-trap, the off-the-wall, inflammatory garbage that is so easily found on the Internet, stuff written by people who do not feel the need to do any serious research or critical analysis of what... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving 2008: Turkeys and Football

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA. There are many traditions associated with modern celebrations of Thanksgiving: lots of food, family gatherings, an football. In recent decades, the football tradition has meant a National Football League game on the Thursday that is Thanksgiving, in addition to the normal games on Sunday and Monday night. This... Continue Reading →

Liver and Cheese – ROFLMAO

I absolutely love humor that plays with words, using them in unusual ways to create laughter. Here's one I got the other day from my best friend Jeff up in Chicago. He loves puns and other play on words jokes. This one had me rolling on the floor howling with laughter It did take me... Continue Reading →

A Symbol of Hope From TIME: Obama As FDR

ere in the USA and worldwide, and one that was not on the Obama bandwagon during the campaign, that chose to create this symbol of hope is, well, a hopeful sign. I urge every blogger on the Internet who wants a brighter future for this country and the whole world to pick up on this symbol and use it in a positive manner. Let's flood the Internet with this message of hope. Just as it was the Internet that made Obama's election possible, now let's make his message of hope and change a reality! To rewrite John Lennon's lyrics a little: Power to the people! Power to the people online!

Election 2008 The Early Numbers

By now, most people have seen the most important numbers from the 2008 Presidential election: Electoral vote: Obama 364 and McCain 163; popular vote: Obama 53% - 66,495,308and McCain 46% - 58,123,419. A n electoral landslide and an 8 million majority in the popular vote is not too shabby. What makes these numbers even more... Continue Reading →

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