Joe The Plumber: A Follow Up

When I wrote my Joe the Plumber post about a week ago, I never expected the response I got. It was increbile seeing the huge spike in the number of people visting this site because of that post.

I am not really all that concrned with the numbers for my blogs. My articles tend to be rather esoteric, and for the most part, politically incorrect in the left-wing sense of that expression. So, to see the daily views increase by nearly 1000% for those two days was a shock, to say the least. But, not being one to shy away from such a “marketing” windfall, I am going to talk some more about this infamous plumber today, especially since John McCain is seemingly maing Joe thePlunber ab\n American Everyman and making the conversation that catapaulted Joe to his fifteen minutes of fame the central theme of McCain’s economic message to the American voters these last two weeks before the general election.

It seems that McCain has a new ad campaign called “I am Joe The Plumber.” A FoxNews blog I ound has a video of the ad You might want to read through the comments on this blog. Some interesting information and perspectives on this ad, McCain, and the general election.

Also, I found this video om YouTube of a news reporter talking to Joe the Plumber just after nis conversation with Obama.

This blog has what it claims is an unedited audio clip of the conversation between Barack Obama and Joe the Plumber.

I find the idea that Joe may actually be an unlicensed plumber and someone who is behind on paying his income taxes – a deabet or a cheat, you decide – rather amusing, esprcially serving as the poster boy for a Presidential candidate. For me, it speaks volumes about McCain and the Republican leadership. It fits in ver nicely with their track record of deceit and stupidity. Are these really the people we want leading our country in its mos despeate hour since the 1930s? I would hope not.


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  1. Here is a funny, entertaining video about the whole ’spread the wealth’ issue. It will have you dancing in your living room.

    It is called, “The GOP’s Brave New World”

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