A Truce With The Borg

A couple of months ago, I bought myself a new HP Pavillioncomputer – just the box – with an AND triple-core processor (2.1 gHz), 4.0 gHz of RAM, an NVIDIA GeoForce video card, RealTek HD sound and a HUGE hard drive. This machine has more power than any system I have ever used or owned. I absoluely love it!

It came with Windows Vista pre-ihstalled – no surprise there, and up until yesterday, I had been running Vista exclusively. Vista is not as bad an operating system as I was led to believe. In fact, especially in look and feel, it reminds me of Ubuntu, the Linux distribution I was running on my old HP, which is now my wife’s computer. And that resemblance was the problem for me: why use a poor clone when you can use the original?

I had been planning on trying to set my new machine up with a double-boot [both Windows and Ubuntu installed and I get to choose at start up which OS I want to use for that session] ever since I bought it, but was going to wait for the new version o Ubuntu due for release next month. But, being constantly reminded of Ubuntu by Vista, and how Vista falls short of the mark, I broke down yesterday and decided to install Ubuntu with or without the double-boot option.

As it turned out, setting up the double-boot option was not nearly as difficult as I had feared/ In fact, it is the DEFAULT set up option for Ubuntu, unlike Windows, which only has one option on install: you are totally and completely assimilated into the Borg! The only problem, if you want to call it that, with the double-boot install is that Ubuntu has to resize the Windows partition to free up space for itself. That takes a LONF time – on my machine it took the better part of an hour – so be patient. The rest if the install is very easy, very straightforward, and runs well right out of the box.

I love Ubuntu, so why do I want the double-boot system? Two reasons. First, there are a few sites I use regularly – my bank and my son’s online school – that either run better with Windows or require Windows to use them at all. Second, all of my favorite computer RPG games only work in Windows.

The best of both worlds! A truce with the Borg.


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