Hallowe’en Horror: Trampling Freedom of Expession?

Friday is Hallowe'en, one of the most pagan holidays still celebrated in the Christian West It is also a personal favorite, not only for the indulgence in candy consumption that is part of American Hallowe'en traditions,, but for the unbridled political and social humor often expressed on this celebration of death and monsters, as we... Continue Reading →


Joe The Plumber: A Follow Up

When I wrote my Joe the Plumber post about a week ago, I never expected the response I got. It was increbile seeing the huge spike in the number of people visting this site because of that post. I am not really all that concrned with the numbers for my blogs. My articles tend to... Continue Reading →

One For The Ages

It's late October in the USA and that means it's time for the World Series, the Major League Baseball championship, for those of you just moved here from Pluto or beyond. Now, talking about baseball might seem a bit out of character for this blog, given the fact that we are only two weeks away... Continue Reading →

A Truce With The Borg

A couple of months ago, I bought myself a new HP Pavillioncomputer - just the box - with an AND triple-core processor (2.1 gHz), 4.0 gHz of RAM, an NVIDIA GeoForce video card, RealTek HD sound and a HUGE hard drive. This machine has more power than any system I have ever used or owned.... Continue Reading →

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