A Lesson From History We Did Not Learn

The Spamish philosopher George Santayana once said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'' Well, it appears that the American people and politicians failed to learn the lesons of the Great Depression. The debate over the so-called bailout of Wall Street is proog of that. Here's an extensive quote from the... Continue Reading →


Professional Sports, The Media and Racism

Sorry f000or being away, but things have beem a little crazy around here the last couple of weks. Nothing major, thankfully, just one of those times whem the little things that make up life get in the way and things that need to be dealt with prevent us from doing something we enjoy - like... Continue Reading →

Personal Encounter With Ike

Early yesterday morning northern Arkansas, which is where I live got hit by what was left of Hurrican Ike. As someone who grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, I've lived through a few hurricanes in my life,so what hit us early yesterday was no big deal. The storm blew donw some trees and knocked out power... Continue Reading →

Election 2008: The Silly Season

The silly season, it seems, is upon us Now that the conventions are over and we have official candidates or President and Vice-President from both major parties, the campaign rhetoric has gotten downright silly and, un my opinion, stupid and even insulting. Insulting, yes,but not to the candidates bur rather to the American public. Here... Continue Reading →

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