A Lesson From History We Did Not Learn

The Spamish philosopher George Santayana once said:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Well, it appears that the American people and politicians failed to learn the lesons of the Great Depression. The debate over the so-called bailout of Wall Street is proog of that.

Here’s an extensive quote from the initial inaugural address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 at the height if the Great Depression: Continue reading A Lesson From History We Did Not Learn


Professional Sports, The Media and Racism

Sorry f000or being away, but things have beem a little crazy around here the last couple of weks. Nothing major, thankfully, just one of those times whem the little things that make up life get in the way and things that need to be dealt with prevent us from doing something we enjoy – like writing. It’s not as if this was my job or anything.

Anyway, the subject for today is a bit afield of what I normally choose to talk about, or so it may seem at first. But, as we shall see, today’s topic, the behavior of a certain player in the National Basketball Association and the reaction of the mdia and his coach, actually touch very strongly on one or two themes in the blog: life’s priorities, media bias, race amd jimgoistic nationalism. Continue reading Professional Sports, The Media and Racism

Personal Encounter With Ike

Early yesterday morning northern Arkansas, which is where I live got hit by what was left of Hurrican Ike. As someone who grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, I’ve lived through a few hurricanes in my life,so what hit us early yesterday was no big deal. The storm blew donw some trees and knocked out power for most of the county – we had no power from 5 AM till after 3 PM. We did not get the heavy  rainfall we were expecting nor were the winds as severe as predicted0 I actually slept through the worst of the storm, but it woke my wife up.Compared to a couple of storms that hit Pennsylvan back in the 1960s, this was nothing much.

After we got our power back yesterday afternoon, I went online to read the storm news from Texas. And from much further north.

I lived in Chicago for 23 years before moving to Arkansas at the end of 1991, and that is where I met my wife, so we have friends and family in the Chicago areaI read about the seven inxhes of rain that they got up there and how they were piling sandbags along the Chicago Rever tio hold back the floow water We got so concerned about our friends and family that we got on the phone and started calling them to mke sure they were all safe.Withexception of my best driend, who did not answer the phone, everyone is safe. I am a little concerned about Jeff, but he and his wife do go off on golfing trips regularly, so I am not real worried yet. Continue reading Personal Encounter With Ike

Election 2008: The Silly Season

The silly season, it seems, is upon us Now that the conventions are over and we have official candidates or President and Vice-President from both major parties, the campaign rhetoric has gotten downright silly and, un my opinion, stupid and even insulting. Insulting, yes,but not to the candidates bur rather to the American public. Here are two examples of what I mean, one from each party.

Th Reublicans are trying to pass off Sarah Palin as some sort of champion of wpmen’s rights, yet she is vehemently opposed to one of the most important women’s rights issues – the right for eery woman to decide for herself, without some man making the decision for her, as to whether she wants to have an abortion or not. The political aspect of this issue is not whether abortion is right or wrong, that is a moral question every woman needs to answer for herself, but whether a woman has the right to make that decision for herself or whether that decision is taken out of her hands by the government.Those opposed to abortion rights make it appear that supporting the right of American women to make that decision for themselves is, in their distortion of the issue, actually sayong that abortion is right, inthe moral sense of that word.

I think the reason these anti-abortion activists see it that way is because they see abortion as wrong and want to legislate morality. They see abortion as murder, but the issue is much more complex than these people are willing to admit. Murder can only occur, in the legal sense, if there is the taking of a human life. The legal question that needs to be answered first, and the one that everyone seems to be avoiding, is when does human life start? At what point does a fetus qualify as fully human? At what point does a fetus have a soul? Continue reading Election 2008: The Silly Season