McCain’s Chocie for VP: An Insult to Hllary Supporters?

The latest, and perhaps most interesting development in the 2008 Presidential election campaign is John McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. The obvious analysis is to say she has all the “weaknesses” that McCain has attacked Obama for – lack of major political experience and no foriegn policy experience. Obama rectified those weaknesses with his selection of Senator Joseph Biden, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, but which of McCain’s weaknesses does Governor Palin rectify?

She is much younger than McCain, who just tuned 72, so one can argue that she counters concerns about McCain surviving for two terms because of his age. But she has even less experience in government that Obama. Two years as a US Senator counts for more than two years as the governor of Alaaska. Prior to becoming governor, Palin was the mayor of a small town outside of Ancorage, while Obama served in the Illinois state legislature. Advantage Obama.

Maybe McCain selected Palin because she is a former beauty pageant winner. That makes her the best looking of the four candidates.

It appears to me that the real reason McCain selected Palin is because she is a woman. Based on her comments at the rally in Dayton, Ohio, where McCain presented her as his choice for his running mate, her main role is to appeal to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters – women who are still displeased about the fact that Hillary is not on the Democratic ticket.

There’s only one problem with that. The women she is supposed to attract to the Republican are staunch supporters of women’s rights, and that would almost definitely include abortion rights. Governor Palin, like Senator McCain, is a social conservative and is opposed to abortion rights.

So, how the hell can they think that those women who supported Hillary’s candidacy will support the Republican ticket? Yes. there is woman on the ticket, but she is a woman whose positions on many issues that matter to these women is diametically opposed to everything that Hillary stands for. I can think of two resons why the republicans think this ploy might work.

Either they think American women, and especially the women who have strong liberationist leanings are too stupid to see through this sham. Or the Republican leadership and especially, McCain are so sexist that it has affected their intelligence level so that they do not realize how stupid this appeal to the Hillary supporters really is.

The best choice for anyone who supports women’s rights is to support the Democratic ticket in November. I guarantee you the Democrats, even with two men at the top of the ticket, will do more, a lot more, to protect and advance women’s rights than the GOP will, even with a woman on the ticket. I hope that the women of this country see through this Republican sham and turn out in record numbers in November to vote for the Democratic ticket. The future of women’s rights is at stake as is the future of this country.


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