Obama Picks Biden Heading For Denver

I’ve not said much about the US Presudential campaign because there has not been much to talk about. All in all, things have been pretty boring. Howver, with the selection of Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive Vice=Presidential hominee and the upcoming national convention in Denver thisweek, things should heat up, at least  on the Democratic side.

Personally, I approve of the selection of Senator Biden. His strengths will help offset Obama’s  perceived weaknesses – experience and foriegn policy. Also, Biden can be counted on to speak his mind and not be a “yes man” like the fool we have for Vice-President now. One criticsm that I read said Biden tends to be “a lomg-winded orator.” That will actually be a plus for President Obama Obama is a charismatic speaker. Let him be the on to talk to the American people, presenting his ideas and policies in a way that wil capture the hearts and mind of the voters. Let Biden deliver the long, boring policy presnetations to Congress. They love long, boring speeches and they will expect such speeches from Biden.

The expressions of suppot from Democratic leaders has been universal,; even Hillary Clintom publicly endored Biden. And Senator McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, showed a lot of class when he sent Biden, his lomh-term colleague in the Senate, congratulations. If only the rest of the GOP leadership or those who presume to speak for the Reuplican voters would show the same class. But then, we are talking about politicians here.

Speaking of classless pliticians. it seems that Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in  nomintion at the convention. Now, that would, under normal circunstances, be seen as a tribute by Obama to a worthy and honorable opponent. But Hillary and her canmpaign have shown during the primaries that they are less than worthy or honorable. I am a bit suspicious about the Clinton campaign’d intentions at the convention. Is she still in denial over her defeat? Is she planning a last-ditch floor fight to wrest the nomination she thinks she deserves? I hope not, but with the Clinton campaign, anything is possible. We shall have to watch and see what happens this week in Denver.

Finally, from some of the comments by Republican leaders about the selecction of Joe Biden which I red today. it appears that at least some GOP leaders are conceding the general election to the Democrats. a Democratic victory is probably a safe bet, but should the GOP leadership really give up without a fight? I hope not, if for no other reason than to wrest conrol of the party away from the fundamentalist minority that seems to think it is the voice of the GOP and of this country. McCan could give that fight a major boost by selecting Joe Leiberman as his running mate.


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