The Doctor As Good Samaritan – Fundamentalst Revisionism

I want to return to the discussion of  the parable of the Good Samaritan today, but in a different context  Medical professionals, especially doctors, are professional “good Samaritans,” or at least they should be and were so not that long ago. Back in the days when the Hippocratic oath meant something, back in the days before the “ambulance chasers,” cotors were committed, at least in principle, to caring for anyone in need of medical atention, irregardless of race, creed, religion, or economic status. Wen someone asked, “Is there a doctor in the house,” a doctor was sworn to answer that call.

Now, we all know that there were cases where discrimination did play a role in some places, but, for the most part, doctors were above race and gender politics. Not any more.

In a recent ruling, the California Supreme Court has ruled that doctors cannot use their religious beliefs – the fundamentalist  homophobia – to refuse to treat gat or lesbian patients. The fact that a doctor would refuse to treat someone in need of medical attention because of their sexual orientation is unconscionable, and to base that refusal on their Christian beliefs is, in my book, an unpardonable sin.

The message of Jesus is based on loving one another as He loved us. His message of salvatioon made no reference to race, creed, color or sexual orienttion. And, if you belive homosexuality to be a sin, which I personally do not, then all the more reason to do the Christian thing, to do what Jesus would do. After all, Jesus came to save us all, but most especially the sinners of the world. According to the creeds of the church, Jesus stormed the very gates of hell to redeem the lost sinners there. Do you really think Jesus would have refused to raise Lazarus if Lazarus were openly gay? Doyou think Jesus would have left the cetnurion’s daughter die if she were openly lesbian?

All I can say  to these hypocites is they should get down on  their knees and offer thanks to God for His mercy. Otherwise there might be a special place in hell waiing for them.


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