A Change in Plans [Updated]


I‘ve decided to name th other blog The Threshing Floor and make its primary focus my disucssions of Christian orthodoxy. You might want to read the lastest article on that blog – the link is in the right side bar.

I’ve given a .lot of thought to what I have been doing with my blogs, and, quite frankly, I am not really happy with the current situation So, until I get ahandle on what I really wa t to do with each of them, I am instituting the following changes:

As of yesterday, my main site is no longer using Drupal; instead I am using the WordPress script. There have beenn too many security issues with Drupal for my comfort.

Ihave imported all of the content from this site to that one and, after this post, all new posts will be added to that site instead of this one.

If youare a registered WordPress user , then you can log in on the other site using your WordPress user name and password.

The main site will, moe than likely, focus on my interests in religious topics What the focus of this site will become, I am not sure yet. One possibility is a focus on homeschooling. That is a subject close to my heart since I am homeschooling my youngest, Michael, and probably will do so all the way through high school. Also, the doctoral program in which I am enrolled is a form of home schooling.

I have added the RSS feed to the bottom of the left sidebar so that anyone visiting this site can see the titles of the latest posts on my main site and use those links to visit us there.

Seeing as ow the new school tear here in Arkansas starts Monday, I am going to take the weekend off to spend a couple of days playing RPG games with my kids as a last fling before we all get back to the the grind. Thanks to the pain in my ass the last few weeks, we’ve not been able to play much.

Finally. a personal thank you to Andrea, the designer of the theme I am using on my main site. I got your message and will follow your instructions. I will also contact you personally next week I really appreciate your help with your theme. It’s nice to see someone take a real interest in the people who use their products.


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