A Major Pain In The Ass – Literally

I guess my first order of business should be to explain my rather extended absence. To put it briefly and bluntly, my bing away was due to a pain in the ass, quite literally. I have sffered with hemorrhoids for years, but in the last year or so, they have become quite severe. I had a severe attack in May of 2007, so sever in fact that my wife and Ispent the early hours of Mother’s Day 2007 in the emergency room because doctors no longer are available on weekends. More on that subject below

I nearly had the surgery to remve my henorrhoids that sunner, but I chickened out after I found some herbal remedies that seemed to control the problem. Then, two weekends ago, after more than a year of repsite, my hemorrhoids struck again, worse than ever. My wife and I spent six hours in the emergency room on A Sunday. It seems that my little friends wait until the weekend to become a problem.

I have been in  a great deal of pain this past two weeks, and only have found any real relief the last couple of days. It’s very hard to concentrate and write when you cannot sit for more than five minutes without experiencing a great deal of pain in your rectum.

I have an appointment wih a surgeon on Tuesday to set things up for the surgery Although I a, approaching the idea of surgery with a great deal of apprehension, it is time for it to happen. The thought of repeating what I went through these last two weeks is enough incentive for me to overcome my apprehensions, I think. If all goes well, I wil only be in the hospital overnight.

So, figure that my presence here will be limited and sporadicuntil after my surgery. At this point, I do not have an exact date for when the surgery will occur, but I will post it here as soon as I know. I think it will probably be a couple of weeks at least before I am back to normal, so all planned posts will be on hold until then.

Now that the update on my medical condition is done, I want to rant a little about the stte of health care in America these days. I really don’t want to be like a lot of senior citizens who constantly harp on how things were back in the good old days. There are a lot of thinfs about how things are different now then they were when I was a kid that I would not want to revert back to the past, but how doctors care for their patients is one that I wish we could go back to the good old days.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, when I was a kid, if you got sick, the doctor came to the house to treat you. And the doctor was avaialbe 24/7 = your own personal doctor. The only time you went to the emergency room was for a real emergemcy, not because it was outside of your doctor’s office hours.

I’m not sure exactly when this changed or why, but I think this change is indicative of the general malaise that pervades the healthcare profession, and American society as a whole. This chnge, like so many changes for th worse, is rooted in the ever-increasing emphasis on profit tthat has become the guiding priinciple of the Amerian way of life. My bet friend back in high school became a doctor for the right reasons. His father and grandfather were doctors and Walt became a pediatric oncologist – a specialist in treating children with cancer. He chose that speciality because he wanted to help save lives, not because of how much money he might make.

I’m sure there are still people who become doctors for the right reasons,like Walt, but they seem to be rarer and rarer. Doctors now seem more interested in owning big, fancy new houses, building new and fancy clinics, and charing more for their services. Heck, it used to be your appointment took as long as needed to deal with all your concerns. Now doctors limit appointments to fifteen minutes of their time and one problem only. You want more? Make another appointment.

Seems to me that the Hippocratic oath has becom
e the hypocritic oath.


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  1. I saw the syrgeon yesterday and it seems that the problem is not my hemorrhoids so much as it is an anal fissure. A fissure usually does not require surgery so it appears I may esca[e gpong unde the knife. For me that is good news.

    I started a medication-based treatment program yesterday and, hopefully will be back to normal, pretty much, by next week.

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