McCain’s Chocie for VP: An Insult to Hllary Supporters?

The latest, and perhaps most interesting development in the 2008 Presidential election campaign is John McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. The obvious analysis is to say she has all the "weaknesses" that McCain has attacked Obama for - lack of major political experience and no foriegn policy experience.... Continue Reading →


Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! Barack The Builder

In case you spent the last 24 hours on the moon,Barack Obama was officially nominated by the Democratic National Convention as the Democratic candidate for President ina thunderous unanimous aclamation requested by Hillary Clinton, his former rival for the nomination. Yes, the whole thing was closely scripted, but it still showed a lot of class... Continue Reading →

Obama Picks Biden Heading For Denver

I've not said much about the US Presudential campaign because there has not been much to talk about. All in all, things have been pretty boring. Howver, with the selection of Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive Vice=Presidential hominee and the upcoming national convention in Denver thisweek, things should heat up, at least  on the... Continue Reading →

A Change in Plans [Updated]

Update: I've decided to name th other blog The Threshing Floor and make its primary focus my disucssions of Christian orthodoxy. You might want to read the lastest article on that blog - the link is in the right side bar. I've given a .lot of thought to what I have been doing with my... Continue Reading →

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