McCain’s Chocie for VP: An Insult to Hllary Supporters?

The latest, and perhaps most interesting development in the 2008 Presidential election campaign is John McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. The obvious analysis is to say she has all the “weaknesses” that McCain has attacked Obama for – lack of major political experience and no foriegn policy experience. Obama rectified those weaknesses with his selection of Senator Joseph Biden, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, but which of McCain’s weaknesses does Governor Palin rectify?

She is much younger than McCain, who just tuned 72, so one can argue that she counters concerns about McCain surviving for two terms because of his age. But she has even less experience in government that Obama. Two years as a US Senator counts for more than two years as the governor of Alaaska. Prior to becoming governor, Palin was the mayor of a small town outside of Ancorage, while Obama served in the Illinois state legislature. Advantage Obama.

Maybe McCain selected Palin because she is a former beauty pageant winner. That makes her the best looking of the four candidates. Continue reading McCain’s Chocie for VP: An Insult to Hllary Supporters?


Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! Barack The Builder

In case you spent the last 24 hours on the moon,Barack Obama was officially nominated by the Democratic National Convention as the Democratic candidate for President ina thunderous unanimous aclamation requested by Hillary Clinton, his former rival for the nomination. Yes, the whole thing was closely scripted, but it still showed a lot of class and probably went a long way towards repairing the fift in the party caused by the sometimes acrimonious primary battles between Clinton and Obama.

The delegates roared their approval by chanting thectchphrase of the Obama campaign – “yes we can.” This phrase, part of the Obama campaign alos from Day One is from the chorus of the theme song for a children’s TV show, Bob The Builder. The chorus goes, “Can we fix it? Yes we can! Bob the Builder!” You can watch a video of this song here. Continue reading Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! Barack The Builder

Obama Picks Biden Heading For Denver

I’ve not said much about the US Presudential campaign because there has not been much to talk about. All in all, things have been pretty boring. Howver, with the selection of Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive Vice=Presidential hominee and the upcoming national convention in Denver thisweek, things should heat up, at least  on the Democratic side.

Personally, I approve of the selection of Senator Biden. His strengths will help offset Obama’s  perceived weaknesses – experience and foriegn policy. Also, Biden can be counted on to speak his mind and not be a “yes man” like the fool we have for Vice-President now. One criticsm that I read said Biden tends to be “a lomg-winded orator.” That will actually be a plus for President Obama Obama is a charismatic speaker. Let him be the on to talk to the American people, presenting his ideas and policies in a way that wil capture the hearts and mind of the voters. Let Biden deliver the long, boring policy presnetations to Congress. They love long, boring speeches and they will expect such speeches from Biden. Continue reading Obama Picks Biden Heading For Denver

The Doctor As Good Samaritan – Fundamentalst Revisionism

I want to return to the discussion of  the parable of the Good Samaritan today, but in a different context  Medical professionals, especially doctors, are professional “good Samaritans,” or at least they should be and were so not that long ago. Back in the days when the Hippocratic oath meant something, back in the days before the “ambulance chasers,” cotors were committed, at least in principle, to caring for anyone in need of medical atention, irregardless of race, creed, religion, or economic status. Wen someone asked, “Is there a doctor in the house,” a doctor was sworn to answer that call.

Now, we all know that there were cases where discrimination did play a role in some places, but, for the most part, doctors were above race and gender politics. Not any more. Continue reading The Doctor As Good Samaritan – Fundamentalst Revisionism

A Change in Plans [Updated]


I‘ve decided to name th other blog The Threshing Floor and make its primary focus my disucssions of Christian orthodoxy. You might want to read the lastest article on that blog – the link is in the right side bar.

I’ve given a .lot of thought to what I have been doing with my blogs, and, quite frankly, I am not really happy with the current situation So, until I get ahandle on what I really wa t to do with each of them, I am instituting the following changes: Continue reading A Change in Plans [Updated]

A Major Pain In The Ass – Literally

I guess my first order of business should be to explain my rather extended absence. To put it briefly and bluntly, my bing away was due to a pain in the ass, quite literally. I have sffered with hemorrhoids for years, but in the last year or so, they have become quite severe. I had a severe attack in May of 2007, so sever in fact that my wife and Ispent the early hours of Mother’s Day 2007 in the emergency room because doctors no longer are available on weekends. More on that subject below

I nearly had the surgery to remve my henorrhoids that sunner, but I chickened out after I found some herbal remedies that seemed to control the problem. Then, two weekends ago, after more than a year of repsite, my hemorrhoids struck again, worse than ever. My wife and I spent six hours in the emergency room on A Sunday. It seems that my little friends wait until the weekend to become a problem.

I have been in  a great deal of pain this past two weeks, and only have found any real relief the last couple of days. It’s very hard to concentrate and write when you cannot sit for more than five minutes without experiencing a great deal of pain in your rectum.

I have an appointment wih a surgeon on Tuesday to set things up for the surgery Although I a, approaching the idea of surgery with a great deal of apprehension, it is time for it to happen. The thought of repeating what I went through these last two weeks is enough incentive for me to overcome my apprehensions, I think. If all goes well, I wil only be in the hospital overnight. Continue reading A Major Pain In The Ass – Literally