Some Dreams Never Die

Our dreams shape and direct the reality of our lives. We start out with lots of dreams and as we move toward maturity, we focus and refine those dreams into our life’s goals. As we grow older, we either achieve those dreams or discard them as impossible. But some dreams never die.

One dream I’ve had for many years has been to get my doctorate degree. I nearly achieved that dream twenty some years ago, but it ended up unfulfilled because rhe realities of my life at that time interfered and I ended up filing that dream in the drawer marked highly unlikely, along with several other dreams.

But my life’s reality has gone through some major changes in the years since then and all those dreams in the highly unlikely drawer have been fulfilled: a loving wife, three beautiful children whom I adore, and our own home in the country. The only one left in there is the dream of completing my education by earning a doctorate. Given my age (660), it would be fairly safe to say that that dream needs to be refiled in the not going to happen drawer.

But I have refused to do that. Some dreams just refuse to die. However, fulfilling this dream would take a rather unusual configuration of events to all come together at the same time. Something like all of the planets in our solar system lining up in a straight line. Against some incredibly astronomical odds, my reality has achieved that conjunction and on July 1 I am enrolling in a distance learning program to earn a PhD. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

There’s a life lesson in all of this: Never abandon those dreams that are most important to you. Life is not written in stone and your reality can change to make fulfilling your dream a reality.

So, for the next year, I am going to focus most of my energy on completing my studies and getting that degree. However, I will not abandon this blog. I will still keep posting at least three days a week as promised. The only real effect that my studies will have on what goes on here is that the quality of my posts will improve, and the focus of those posts may be a little different than I had originally intended. Whem everything is completed. I will be the Reverend Doctor John Botscharow. That has a nice ring to it, and I know my parents. God rest their souls. will be beaming with pride, as will my wife and my children, without whom this would never have been possible.


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