George Bush As Clark Griswold in “European Vaction 2”

US President George Bush has begun a two-day visit to the UK as part of his final European tour before he leaves office in January.

Mr Bush met the Queen at Windsor Castle before he and his wife, Laura, dined with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife, Sarah, at Downing Street.
Protesters greet Bush’s UK visit

Isn’t it nice that our Fearless Leader, Dubya the Lame, gets to take himself and his wife on a nice European Vacation with our money? I’m sure there is a wonderful BS explanation for all this sightseeing. After all, the Queen of Englans makes all the foreign policy decisions for the UK, right? Oh, this is Elizabeth the Second, not the First. The current Elizabeth is the one whose son wants to be a tampon or some such silliness. Elizabeth the First was the the one who thumbed her collective British nose at the French and Spanish. Guess that’s what almost 500 years of indolence and in-breeding will do to you.

As for Dubya’s little holiday from the reality of American politics, it will, more than likely provide more than enough material for a sequel to the Chevy Chase classic comedy about a similar excursion. Maybe Chevy would even agree to play the lead.

If Bush wanted someone else to pay for his European Vaction, he should have asked his buddies in the big oil corporations for it. After all the money he’s made them with his Middle East foreign policy gaffes, they owe him at least that much, if not more. Maybe that’s how he got the money for his daughter’s lavish wedding? A giant stone cross just for a weddig? Tacky, George, very tacky and very ostentatious. But then you never were one to exhibit much class, were you?

Speaking of the Middle East, what was with sending his wife to Afghanistan? Was he too chicken to go himself? George loves Laura so much he’s willing to use her for bait? I wonder how she felt about all this. Bill Clinton, another man who has shown a serious lack of class in his day, may have had sex with a female intern in the same House where his wife lived, but he never sent her into harm’s way, so it appears Bill loves Hillary more than George loves Laura. But, at least, Laura won’t have to worry about George messing with any of the female interns. That’s against his religion and his political principles. He believes in Republican family values, right? Besides, I’m not sure he, or she, has any idea of what Bill and Monica were actually doing or how to do it,

And I’m so glad that he was concerned about the victims of the flooding in Iowa. I’ll be that made them feel so much better. He’s kissing up to royalty while they are wondering if they will end up moving, unintentionally, to New Orleans. But, as we’ve seen in the years following 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, Bush has no clue about how to deal with a disaster, or anything else. for that matter. At least the people in Iowa won’t have to wait years for any assitance from the government, since Bush will be gone in six months. And the oadds are so will John McCain. I am guessing President Barack Obama will pay more attention to domestic problems and disasters than Bush has. And he won’t let race or wealth cloud his judgment.

Seven and a half years of this bozo playing Clark Griswold in the White House is enough. Time for the Griswolrds to move out and get someone in there who might actually restore some dignity to the place.


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