We Have A Winner…And A Loser – In More Ways Than One

The most historic Presidential primary campaign in history, amd perhaps the longest, will come to an end officially on Saturday. [Hillary]Clinton, in an e-mail to supporters, said she “will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise.”Clinton ending candidacy, supporting Obama

All I can say is that it’s about time that HRC put the needs of this country and the needs of the Democratic Party ahead of her own inflated ego. Time and again, she and her husband have proved to the American people that her candidacy was not about what is best for the Anerican people, but what was best for the Clintons’ delusions of granduer. The Clintons ended up making this primary race a battle of the sexes, polarizing the Democratic Party along gender lines, and making race an issue, although I am sure the Clintons will deny it, but then they have a real history of denying the truth, don.t they?

And now, it seems Mrs. Clinton has been actively lobbying for the number two slot on the ticket, although she has not had the good sense or the common courtesy to concede. As far as I know, she has not even had the decency to publicly congratulate Barack Obama on clinching the nomination. She’s been too busy nursing her bruised and battered ego to be a good loser. But then that has been her modus operandi this entire campaign; when she was the front-runner, she could afford to be gracious, to a point, although many people have complained that she has been aloof and unapproachable the entire campaign, but once things turned against her she got nastier and nastier, playing the gender and race cards.

To his dredit, Barack Obama has been nothing but gracious towards his rivals this entire campaign. And he has constantly tried to drive home the point that, at least for him, the campaign was not about race nor gender. He has never, to my knowledge, made pointed calls for blacks to support him because he is black or for men to support hime because he is male; unlike the Clintons and their thinly-veiled calls to white blue-collar workers, a group that, unfortunately, tends to put more emphasis on a person.s race/ethnicity/religion than their stand on the issues, and the Clinton camps ultra-feminist stand that it would be disgraceful for a woman to support any candidate other than Hillary, just because she is a woman and the others aren’t.

Back in January, I called an Obama/Clinton ticket, no matter which of the two led the tickey, the dream ticket for the Democratic Party. I said back then that the two together would be invincible no matter who the Republicans chose. Well, I am going on record today and taking that statement back. Given the behavior of the Clintons, and you cannot get one without the other, these past few months, having Hillary on the ticket is a liability that the Cemocratic Party cannot afford if they want to win in November. As ,amy political analysts have pointed out in recent weeks, the Republicans are salivating at the chance to take pot shots at the Clinton. For the Republicans, the Clintons are like that cartoon character walking around with a “Kick me!” sign on their bakc and not knowing its there and wondering why people keep kicking them.

The Clintons have brought this on themselves. First, it was all the lying that went on while they were in the White House. Their offenses were not impeachable but they certainly were worthy of at least moral censure, and the Republicans will use those offenses against not only the Clintons, but against Obama as well, criticizing his judgement and his credibility. No, Obama cannot afford to have Hillary on the ticket. Maybe make her Health and Human Services Secretary, but not Vice-President.

But, I do feel that a woman should be Obama’s Vice-Presidential nominee, in large part to mend the gender rift that Mrs. Clinton created. Spealer of the House Nancy Pelosi from California, a staunch but rational Clinton supporter, would be an excellent choice. Another woman who has gotten a lot of media attention lately as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate is Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of Kansas. According to one source, there is also talk of saving Sebellius to run for the Senate in 2010. Personally, if Nancy Pelosi does not want it, I say give it to Sibellius. Better to lower the odds in Kansas in 2010 than to have Hillary on the ticket.

I think the selection of Caroline Kennedy to serve on Obama’s VP search committe is a good sign. Caroline will put the needs of the nation first. And the fact that she is Bobby Kennedy’s niece will make her a little less susceptible to Clinton’s pandering, given Hillary’s tasteless remarks a while back in using the RFK assasination as an excuse for prolonging her candidacy. I doubt that her remark went over well with any of the Kennedys.

So, we finally have a winner in one sweepstakes; now we wait for the winner of the second. I doubt this one will take anywhere near as long as the first one. Then, it’s on to the big show! I can hardly wait. It will most definitely be “veeerrrrry intersting,” as Arte Johnson would say.


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