Some Dreams Never Die

Our dreams shape and direct the reality of our lives. We start out with lots of dreams and as we move toward maturity, we focus and refine those dreams into our life’s goals. As we grow older, we either achieve those dreams or discard them as impossible. But some dreams never die.

One dream I’ve had for many years has been to get my doctorate degree. I nearly achieved that dream twenty some years ago, but it ended up unfulfilled because rhe realities of my life at that time interfered and I ended up filing that dream in the drawer marked highly unlikely, along with several other dreams.

But my life’s reality has gone through some major changes in the years since then and all those dreams in the highly unlikely drawer have been fulfilled: a loving wife, three beautiful children whom I adore, and our own home in the country. The only one left in there is the dream of completing my education by earning a doctorate. Given my age (660), it would be fairly safe to say that that dream needs to be refiled in the not going to happen drawer. Continue reading Some Dreams Never Die


The Death Penalty: A Theological Dliemma For Christians

American politics has, historically, had several ongoing major moral debates and perhaps the one that defines our moral dilemma best and most vividly exposes our hypocrisy is the death penalty. The recent Supreme Court decision, by a 5 to 4 vote, outlawing the execution of those who rape children, has brought the dilemma over the death penalty into the political spotlight again.

As a father, I find the rape of children, and the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, and that includes child pornography, extremely revolting. It is my considered opinion that these practices are symptomatic of a society with some very unhealthy attitudes about sex, nudity, and gender, but that is a topic for another post, not this one today. I do believe that child rapists deserve to be severely punished, but I agree with the Supreme Court that execution should not be an option for them or anyone else for that matter. As far as I am concerned, the death penalty violates the most basic principles of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious tradition – the Ten Commandments, and specifically, the sixth commandment: Thou shalt not kill. Continue reading The Death Penalty: A Theological Dliemma For Christians

The archives transfer is done

All of the posts that I had on what is now the John Botscharow Marketing Journal site that were worth moving have been moved to the archives here. In a few instances, I left a copy on the Marketing Jornal site so they exist in both archives. One or two posts did not get moved and some got deleted altogether.

I started this blog back in January of 2007 at this location, so this is a homecoming of sorts. Because of the various changes in severs the last 18 months, not all the archives for this blog are available yet. I never did move asll of the archives from 2007 to my other servers. I think I still have them in a database file somewhere on a disk and will slowly add thoe best posts back into the archives here if I find the right file. There are some posts from 2007 that I would like to restore to this site. So keep your fingers corssed! Continue reading The archives transfer is done

My Heroes Have Always Been Clowns

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. As a small boy my favorite television show was “Howdy Doody.” My favorite character on the show was Clarabelle the Clown, a mute circus clown with a bicycle horn who was always pulling pranks. I loved watching “The Red Skelton Show” with my parents. Red was both a stand-up comic and a mime. My favorite character of his was Clem Kadiddlehopper, a mute hobo in the tradition of Emmitt Kelly‘s circus clown.

As I grew older, my taste in clowns grew more sophisticated. Rowan and Martin, Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Flip Wilson, Johnny Carson, and my favorite clown of all, George Carlin. All of my clowns are now dead and gone, George joining the celestial class clown hall of fame a few days ago. This post is dedicated to George, who I will miss dearly. Losing one’s heroes is difficult any any age, and when you are my age, it becomes especially poignant, because it is such a stark reminder of your own mortality. Continue reading My Heroes Have Always Been Clowns

Urgent Action Alert: Tell The Senate To Oppose Telecom Immunity

Press Release From The Electronic Freedom Foundation:

The Senate is about to vote on whether to pass a bill granting immunity from the law to phone companies for illegal spying. This could be our best and last chance to hold the telecoms accountable for breaking the law — please contact your Senators today and tell them to stand strong:

If passed, the bill would place a Congressional seal of approval on the President’s illegal spying program. Phone companies that knowingly broke the law and sent millions of Americans’ personal phone calls and emails to the government would be handed what amounts to a get-out-of-jail-free card. Some have called the bill a bipartisan compromise between extremes, but this is pure spin. In reality, it’s nothing less than a complete cave to the phone companies’ and White House’s demands. It would destroy the country’s best chance for a judicial ruling on whether the President and his allies can break the law with impunity.

Please, call your Senators today. Tell them you see through the spin, tell them to stand up for civil liberties and the rule of law, tell them to vote “no” on the FISA Amendments Act:

The battle against telecom immunity has been long and hard-fought. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Site news for June 22, 2008

I have successfully moved all the April, May and June 2008 archives from my other site, as well as all the article series excpet for one, the Heresiology series. I hope to have that one moved tomorrow. The article series are listed in the tabs at the top of the page in the recommended order you should read them. Each of the tabs, except the about me tab, takes you to the table of contents page for that series. Currently, the series are listed in the side bar under the pages heading, but that list will be removed once the Heresiology series is done. The only reason it is there currently is to help me buld the table of contents pages for each series.

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting to this blog every other day, probably on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and posting ot the Marketing Journal on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. I will keep the Sabbath unless seomthing important comes up.

For those of you who are not familiar with my work, I encourage you to browse the archives and to read the article series. Enjoy and let me know what you think. But remember, you need to be a registered user to post comments. If you are not registered, click the log in link and follow the instructions on how to register.

The Failure of Bureaucracy: Case In Point

In several posts about the custody case in Texas recently involving the illegal seizure of over 400 children by the Texas Department of Protection Services, I lambasted the DPS for interfering where no interference was warrnated and suggested that agenices like the DPS concentrate on real cases of child abuse. Today I read a story about a five-year-old boy who was being abused by his mother and two female friends of hers and how the California and Los Angeles authorities, including the Deparment of Chidlren and Family Servies, the California equivalent of the Texas DPS, and several other government agencies failed this little boy by not following up on earlier indications of neglect and abuse. It took an anonymous call to a hot line to get the bureaucrats to get off their duffs and do something to protect the little boy from his own mother.

Read this article before contnuing, but be prepared to get disgusted and angry. Continue reading The Failure of Bureaucracy: Case In Point

The Roots of The War on Terrorism Part One

I don’t think too many people would argue with my saying the the Presidential election in the USA coming up in November of this year will be one of the most, if not the most, signicant political events of this year and perhaps of this century. The fact that we will, for the first time in our history, have a President who is not white is momentously historic. But, that fact alone is not the only reason for the potential historical significance of this election. Barack Obama’s election, because of the fact that he is black, will certainly lead to some significant shifts in American domestic politics, which are sorely needed, but his election will also lead to some major shifts in American foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. And it is the difference between Obama’s position on Middle East foreign policy and that of Senator John McCain that I want to talk about today.

The primary focus of current US Middle East policy has been a “holy war” against what the Bush Administration calls terrorism and which the current administration sees as a threat to our national security. The Bush propaganda machine presents its case for this “war on terrorism” as something that makes the targets, the former Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, the present government of Iran, the Hamas government of Palestine, the Taliban “rebels” in Afghanistan, the various militant opposition factions in Iraq, and the “international conspiracy” referred to as al-Qaida, some sort of evil cabal that has targeted the US for destruction through no fault of its own. But, if we look at the history of the relationship between the Islamic Middle East and the Christian West, of which the US is the currnet leader and symbol, we will find that this “war on terrorism” is nothing more than a long-standing religious war between Islan and Christianity that dates back to the First Crusade.
Continue reading The Roots of The War on Terrorism Part One

George Bush As Clark Griswold in “European Vaction 2”

US President George Bush has begun a two-day visit to the UK as part of his final European tour before he leaves office in January.

Mr Bush met the Queen at Windsor Castle before he and his wife, Laura, dined with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife, Sarah, at Downing Street.
Protesters greet Bush’s UK visit

Isn’t it nice that our Fearless Leader, Dubya the Lame, gets to take himself and his wife on a nice European Vacation with our money? I’m sure there is a wonderful BS explanation for all this sightseeing. After all, the Queen of Englans makes all the foreign policy decisions for the UK, right? Oh, this is Elizabeth the Second, not the First. The current Elizabeth is the one whose son wants to be a tampon or some such silliness. Elizabeth the First was the the one who thumbed her collective British nose at the French and Spanish. Guess that’s what almost 500 years of indolence and in-breeding will do to you.

As for Dubya’s little holiday from the reality of American politics, it will, more than likely provide more than enough material for a sequel to the Chevy Chase classic comedy about a similar excursion. Maybe Chevy would even agree to play the lead.
Continue reading George Bush As Clark Griswold in “European Vaction 2”

It’s Not About Race: A Portend of Things to Come?

The rumor that Michelle Obama railed against “whitey” in a diatribe at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ has circulated on conservative Republican blogs for weeks and was repeated by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. The rumor included claims of a videotape of the speech that would be used to bring down Obama’s candidacy this fall.

“No such tape exists,” the campaign responds on the site, “Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word.”.Obama campaign: Wife never used the word ‘Whitey’

Of course, there is no truth to these rumors, but the truth has never been important to the conservative Republicans nor Rush Limbaugh. And, a warning, Senator Obama: this is only the beginning. It will get much worse in the months ahead.
Continue reading It’s Not About Race: A Portend of Things to Come?