Some Dreams Never Die

Our dreams shape and direct the reality of our lives. We start out with lots of dreams and as we move toward maturity, we focus and refine those dreams into our life's goals. As we grow older, we either achieve those dreams or discard them as impossible. But some dreams never die. One dream I've... Continue Reading →


The Death Penalty: A Theological Dliemma For Christians

American politics has, historically, had several ongoing major moral debates and perhaps the one that defines our moral dilemma best and most vividly exposes our hypocrisy is the death penalty. The recent Supreme Court decision, by a 5 to 4 vote, outlawing the execution of those who rape children, has brought the dilemma over the... Continue Reading →

The archives transfer is done

All of the posts that I had on what is now the John Botscharow Marketing Journal site that were worth moving have been moved to the archives here. In a few instances, I left a copy on the Marketing Jornal site so they exist in both archives. One or two posts did not get moved... Continue Reading →

My Heroes Have Always Been Clowns

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. As a small boy my favorite television show was "Howdy Doody." My favorite character on the show was Clarabelle the Clown, a mute circus clown with a bicycle horn who was always pulling pranks. I loved watching "The Red Skelton Show" with my parents. Red was both... Continue Reading →

Site news for June 22, 2008

I have successfully moved all the April, May and June 2008 archives from my other site, as well as all the article series excpet for one, the Heresiology series. I hope to have that one moved tomorrow. The article series are listed in the tabs at the top of the page in the recommended order... Continue Reading →

The Failure of Bureaucracy: Case In Point

In several posts about the custody case in Texas recently involving the illegal seizure of over 400 children by the Texas Department of Protection Services, I lambasted the DPS for interfering where no interference was warrnated and suggested that agenices like the DPS concentrate on real cases of child abuse. Today I read a story... Continue Reading →

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