The DNC’s Dilemma: A Matter Of Principles

Today I want to talk about the Democratic Presidential nomination contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. At this moment, Obama is only 64 votes shy of the 2026 needed to win – if the Florida and Michigan delegations are not included. The numbers would obviuosly change in Mrs.; Clinton’s favor if those two state delegations are seated as full voting members.

every since it became apparent that the handwriting on the wall was against her, Mrs. Clinton has taken the side of these two “renegade” states. She has even vowed to take their cause to the convention gloor in August, not out of any altruism, no matter her rhetoric. She is supporting them because it is in her best, pragmatically speaking, political interest. Technically she won both primaries, and technically those delegates belong to her.

The rules comittee of the Democratic National Committe (DNC) is meeting a week from Saturday to resolve this issue, unless of course, there is an appeal to the convention floor in August. The question then is: Should these two delegations be seated and should the convention accept the results of their primaries?

Mrs. Clinton is arguing they should be, on both counts, using a rhetoric of making sure the voters of these states are represented at the convention. But, she is missing, or ignoring, the real point of this debate. For some strange reason, Michigan and Florida chose dates for their primaries that were in direct violation of DNC rules. When they announced these dates back in September and were warned that those dates would result in the results being declared invalid and that the delegations would be stripped of their votes, both states chose to go ahead with the illegal dates anyway. Now, they, and Mrs. Clinton are moaning that this is not fair.

Not fair???? Since when is breaking the rules fair? Florida and Michigan cheated and got caught! They should be responsibile adults and accept their punishment and stop whining!

As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, I bet if the shoe were on the other foot – if Obama were losing the nomination and had been the “winner” in Florida and Michigan, she would be vehement in her opposition to those delegations being seated. Mrs. Clinton has been characterized as “tough” and “pragmatic” in the media for her refusal to accept the fact that she has lost the nomination. I think that is neither tough nor pragmatic. She is a sore loser and self-serving.

Her behavior thses last few months need to be put into the context of how she would be as President. I think the American people have had enough of sore losers and self-serving politicians. Mrs. Clinton would be nothing more as President than a female version of George Bush. America does not need anymore George Bushes. Two is more than enough. That is why we need Barack Obama as President.

The Last Debate

You will love this! Very funny, but very true-to-life. I could actually see the two of them having this “last debate.” Actually, I thought I heard them arguing last night. LOL


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