Water Power: Energy From Burning Water

I was reading the online news this morning as I do most mornings looking for articles of interest to use for posts to this blog and I ran across Run Your Car On Water, a standard format Internet marketing page for a $50 guide on how to convert your car to use an allegedly new techology that uses water as fuel. I went, “Right, and I have a bridgee for you in Brooklyn.” As a former Internet marketer, I am extremely skeptical about any of these types of ads, especially if they follow the marketing-guru format as this one does.

But I am a scholar and so I decided to do some research. Guess what? It appears the technology is legit! Not sure about the product though, so caveat emptor on that one. But it might be worth $50 to check it our. I am going to do some more research before I commit though. If I do buy it, I’ll do an update and let you know what I think. If anyone has tried this or do so in the near future, let me know what you thought of it.

The best explanation and analysis, in language that is not too technical, about Brown’s Das, how ti works, some of its abitlties and benefits, as well as its possbilities is HYDROXY or “Brown’s Gas” by longtime Brown’s Gas researcher, Todd Knudtson.

From what’ve read so far, it appears that this technology would be, with the proper commitment from the government plus the various industries who have the most to gain from it – the power companies, the airlines, even the automobile manufacturers, if they would get their heads out of their rectums. Can you imagine the market for a car or a truck that ran on water?

And the envirnmentalist would support it, both because it would reduce our carbon emissions, and it is an alternative fuel that would not affect the food supply. Heck, with all the polar ice melt, maybe we could set up a system that would tap into all that new water and convert it to energy. Also, it is possible that all the water vapor that water-burning would create instead of carbon emissions might actually help cool off the global warming. Not sure if that would be true, but, theoretically, it is a possibility.

I’ve included some links to other sites that discuss the technology of “Brown’s Gas” – eve a YouTube video from a Korean company that makes generators using this technology. As someone who lives in the country and has a totally electric house, the idea of generator that runs on water is intriguing. I certainly intend to look into the cost and feasibility of such a generator. To not be at the mercy of a utility company is certainly something worth investigating, especially since we have our own well and a reasonably “limitless” supply of water. Heck, I could rig it so the well pump – electric- runs off the power produced by the water-powered generator. How cool is that?!

NEWest News about Brown’s Gas

Brown’s Gas (HHO) Water as Fuel
Brownsgas.com. The independent website on Brown’s Gas

Brown’s/Rhode’s Gas (Oxy-Hydrogen) — Multi-Industry Miracles from Water

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Using Water by Drunvalo – this is a report from another blogger who had the same idea as I do; only that he is further ahead in the process of researching this than I am

The Brown’s gas generator build by Milan Manchich – diagrans and photos of someone who actually built a generator using this technology!

The Most Exciting Scientific Discoveries of the Century Maybe even the Millennium!

Brown’s Gas Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It’s a Musical Universe!

YouTube – Browns Gas Generators A Korean Manufacturer of Brown’s Gas Generators


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