Profits Before Principles: Polar Bears Face Extinction

I cannot wait for the Inauguration next January! Anyone, even John NcCain, has to be better than George bush. I probably have criticized him more for his arrogance than anyone else I know of, but he still continues to amaze me with the level of that arrogance. Talk about a cold hearted sonofabitch!!

It seems that the only thing that matters to the Bush Administration is that his friends, and I suspect he and his family as well, make as much profit as possible in the short term, and the long term consquences for this planet and for future generations – our children and their children and their children – be damned.

He and his cronies have already made a mess of the economy. They have destroyed America’s reputation and moral standing in the international community. They have ignored and ridiculed good scientific evidence that our dependency on fossil fuels has, directly and indirectly, put our environment at serious risk But that’s not enoguh for the Bush administration.

It appears now that their arrogance and greed, their emphasis on profits over principles, will drive another species, the creatures God put huamns here to protect, to extinction. This time it’s not some small fish or obscure frog or some insect. This time it’s the polar bear, one God’s most majestic creatures that is no threat to anyone, other than the fact that they live in an area where the big oil companies hope to find large reserves of the fossil fuels that we humans have become so dependent on.

Although the Bush administration, somewhat reluctantly, has added the polar bear to the species protected by the Endangered Species Act, as the Secretary of the Interior makes very clear in this editorial, the listing will do little to protect the polar bears from the main threat to their existence – the big oil and gas companies who have been allowed by the Bush Administration to do “exploratory” drilling in areas that were once set aside as wilderness preserves to guarantee that species like the polar bear and scenery like this for future generations, not to put obscene profits in the coffers of the oil and gas companies.

You should read the artice below from National Geographic to get a better idea of what is happening to our precious wilderness areas on the Alaskan North Slope. Hopefully it will upset and anger yo as well as me. Be sure to click on the Photo Gallery link in the left sidebar. Like they say, a picture is worth ten thousand words and these pictures tell it all.

Fall of the Wild


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