Reality Check for Hillary: The War Is Over!

Ex-Rival Edwards Throws His Support to Obama

Hillary Ckinton – why do all reporters use her maiden name as her middle name? – may have won the battle of West Virginia, but she has now lost the war for sure. Whether she realizes it, or is willing to be honest with herself and the American people, she has lost the war for the Democratic nomination. Her efforts in the last few weeks to make the nomination a female versus male issue, as well as her overt appeals to white blue collar workers – does this smack a little of racism> – have not done much for image as Presidential. As much as Hillary Clinton tries to avoid gender-specific stereotypes, she is acting like someone trying out for the part of Portia in Shakepeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.”

Or maybe the reason she wants to win so bad is that, should she get eledtec President, she would have a reason for divorcing Bill that everyone in the country would applaud. All those cute little Congressional interns could sleep safe and sound knowing that Panderer Bill was not roaming the halls.

The gracefil thing for her to do now is to stop her own sorry little parade, and get on the Obama bandwagon. Time to unify the party and the country. Time to face up to reality, Hillary. Barack is just better looking, politically speaking, than you are.


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