New York Public School Funding Crisis – Think Homeschooling!

There have been a number of articles in the online media about the buget crisin facing the New York Public schools. It seems there have been severe budget cuts by the city’s Department of Education that are severely impacting the quality of educaqtion being provided the children of New York City. I won’t comment on the politics involved in these budget cuts or the competence, or lack of such, of city administrators, especially New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. At least while he is only the mayor of New York and not aspiring to any national office. As long he is only mayor, he is the problem of the residents of New York, and sonce I do not live there, I don’t think it is appropriate for me to comment. But, if he does decided to seek national office, as he has hinted, I guarantee I will all over the man for his stupidity and incompetence.

Getting back to the New York school financing problem, it has been a long tradition in New York City for each public school to hold fund-raising events to augment the school’s budget. Those fund-raising events encourage parental involvement, and that is a good thing. How well the parents support these fund-raisers provides the local school administrators with some very important feedback on what the parents think about how the school is doing. And, given the severe budget curs that have already taken place, plus the ones planned for the new school year, these fund-raisers have become even more important than ever.

I have some advice for the parents of children attending public schools in New York City: give some serious consideration to organizing home school alternatives to the public schools.

You are already providing a lot of financial support for your children’s educations. Why give it to an instution that is part of a severely minsmanaged system run by incompetent politicians who, contrary to their political propaganda, have little real interest in the quality of the education your children receive? Given the level of financial support you are providing for the public schools, and given the fact that you really have very little impact on the policy decisions of the City’s Department of Education, policy decisions that directly impact the quality of education your children receive, and therefore directly impact their futures, would it not make more sense to take the money and the time and the energy you provide the failin g public school sustem, and instead invest your time, energy, and money in an educational [rpgram for your children that allows you to control your children;s education, rather than ceding that control to a bunch of incompetent politicians and self-serving bureaucrats who would not know a quality edicuation if it bit them in the ass!

All these politicians and bureaucrats do is make up stupid rules and guidelines that infringe on your God-given rights as a parent. All they care about is creating a system that will guarantee their jobs in perpetuity and guarantee the continued cancerous growth of an already over=bloated governmental bureaucracy. Sned a message to the Mayor and the City Department of Education they won’t easily forget. Homeschool your kids. Not only will you be doing your kids a real favor by providing them with a real quality learning experience, but, if enough og you pull out of the public school system, there might be enough money to provide a quality education for those children left in the system, and, even better, if the public school system shrinks enough, the Mayor will have no choice but to eliminate a fair amount of that bloated bureaucracy and those people will be forced to find productive, meaningful work in the private sector instead of sponging off of tax dollars.

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Sources and Additional Reading:

A Bad News Budget

Proposed Budget for the New York City Schools

Budget Cuts Raise Wrath of Principals

Thousands Protest Budget Cuts Aimed at City Schools


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