The Bush Propaganda Machine and Its Web of Deception Exposed

In past articles and forum posts, I have, somewhat tongue in cheek, made comments about the Bush Administration’s “propaganda machine,” even compairing it to the Nazi proganda machine headed by Joseph Goebbels that helped bring Adolf hitler to power in Germany. Well, I am going to talk a bit more about the Bush propaganda machine and this time my rongue is firmly between my teeth and not in my cheek!!! In other words, what I have to say here is deadly serious.

I now have substantial evidence that Bush lied about a number of things, and most especially the events that he used to justify the invasion of Iraq as well as what we were told about the progress of the war.

You know all those so-called military analysts that the media networks would present to evaluate the progress we were making in Iraw? Well, it turns out that these supposedly “objective” experts where shills for the government and that many have serious ties to defense contractors, the very people profiting from this war. That is the report ofsome excellent investigative reporting by the New York Times. Please read in its entirety and make sure you watch all the multimedia files that are listed in the left sidebar. That is where the Times presents the documentation for this article. You might want to read the comments too.

And for further proof of the existence of a Bush propaganda machine, read this article, also from the Times. It talks about how, when, and who was involved in the deveopment of our interrogation policy in Iraq – you know, the one that violated both american law, international law, and American moral decency. This sounds like what the Nazis did to cover up the truth of the concentration camps for so long.

We can no longer hide our heads in the sand, people. It is time to send these people packing and then indict them on any number of criminal charges. We have been lied to so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m not sure what the specific charges would be, but the Bush Administration should be held legally responsible for every one of those over 4000 American young people who died for a pack of lies. They, like so many other Americans, got caught in Bush’s web of deception and self-righteous arrogance. The only difference is they paid with their lives. And for that, Bush and his cronies owe them more than the measly $500K the government pays the next of kin.


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