Cry Economics And Tie Up The Dogs of War

WASHINGTON (AP) – The growing cost to the United States of fighting the war in Iraq “is not only linked to our economic skid, but is a leading cause of it,” a Democratic congressman said Saturday.

Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky linked the costly, unpopular war with the growing economic troubles – some say recession – in this country.
Democrat Blames Iraq for Weak Economy

That is not shocking news to me, but what is shocking is the fact that any politician admits it publicly. Amd the statement puts the blame squarely where it belongs – on the Bush administration and its supporters in Congress. Un simpler terms, the Republicans. I certainly hope the Democrats hammer this in the campaigns leading up to the November elections.

As far as the Democratic primaries go, Barack Obama has taken a firm, for a politician, stand opposing the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton’s position is a bit more problematic, especially since she voted in favor of the original resolution supporting Bush’s war. I think that were Obama to hammer this issue in states like Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan, blue-collar states that are hardest hit by the economic decline, he would gain a lot of support from working-class voters, one of Clinton’s supposed locked-in demographic groups.

Doing so would also set the stage for the campaign against the Republicans and their nominee, John McCain, a staunch supporter of Bush’s war. As election history has proven time and time again, economic hard times tend to overshadow every other campaign issue. No matter how “pstriotic” working-class voters are perceived to be, their primary focus in this election will be their wallets. Most of them are barely able to provide for their families even in good timesx, the fact that the economy is failing is more important than anything else to them. And, if they can be convinced that Bush’s war is directly responisble for the hard times, they will turn on the Republicans like a pack of hungry wolves.

I think that, if Obama is the Democratic nominee, he should seriously consider choosing John Yarmth of Kentucky as his running mate and setting him loose on the Republicans and their support of Bush’s war. Let him hammer the link between that war and the economic hard times into the heads of working-class voters, who traditionally have supported Democrats until recently, and bring them back to the fold in record numbers.


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